Saturday, May 31, 2014

NEW! Seamlessly Covered Tank

New Seamlessly Covered Tank ($58) in Bruised Berry. I'm dying to know what the back looks like and whether it has a built in bra. Update - it has a built in bra. I'm not sure I like the cut of the armpits, it could be armpit-fat exposing for me.

Seamlessy Street Crop, Next to Nothing Tank, Plus More and Try On Comments

Next to Nothing Tank also shown.

I got to try on the new Seamless Street Crop and really liked them. They were the first I've liked in the seamless material since the original Ebb and Flows from two years ago. I see the tag says they are knee length but that's not true, they are Wunder Under length. The material is nice and thick, the waistband high, the length long. If you liked the original Ebb and Flow crops, you'll really like these. I thought the fit was TTS, maybe on the looser side of TTS.

I also got to try on the new Bruised Berry Forme and really had to hold back from getting it. The luon is nice and thick - it very much felt like old luon. The Wee Space pattern on the inner collar is interesting. Bruised Berry comes up blue in a lot of photos but I think it trends more purple. The wee space definitely seems purple to me in real life. I'm hoping we'll see a CRB in the WAFS.

I also tried on the Next to Nothing tank but the super open back is not me. I thought the top ran over size and would size down in it.

Some Trikonasana T photos. I didn't see these at my store today.

Shown with a 105F singlet.

Shown with a Runner Up tank.
Bruised Berry Speed Shorts.

Stuff Your Bra and the Dart and Dash Shorts also shown.
Pretty Palm and Black Run Times Shorts. Shown with the Aquamarine Runner Up Tank in the second photo.

Black and Gray Runner Up Tanks with the Pretty Palm Run a Marathon Crops.

Aquamarine Runner Up Tank and Cadet Groovy Stripe Inspires

Camo Water Bottle

Friday, May 30, 2014

Forest Forme Jacket, Bruised Berry Rest Less Tank, and More

Forest Green and Bruised Berry Formes. Shown with the Curious Jungle waistband Groove shorts.

Bruised Berry Rest Less Tank

Another photo of the Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speed Shorts.

NEW! Neon Pink Wee Are From Space Forme Jacket

Spotted in stores - a new Wee Space in what I think is Neon Pink and Angel Wing. I'm not sure about the colors but that is my guess based on the codes. (Thanks to Ms. P. for the photo.)

Curious Jungle Speed Short Photos

Curious Jungle Print Speed Shorts. I don't love them here but they'd probably pop more with a paired with a top that really sets them off.

Bruised Berry Wunder Under crops.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cadet Groovy Stripe Inspire Crops, Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speeds, and More

I think someone commented they spotted these new Cadet / Groovy Stripe Inspires in the stores but a photo of them finally turned up. Shown with the Aquamarine Runner Up Tank.

Photo showing the Bruised Berry Spray Dye and Curious Jungle Speed shorts. Also shown are Bruised Berry Wunder Under crops.

Photo of the Pretty Palm Print Run Times Shorts.

Ta Ta Toppers in Bruised Berry/Cool Breeze and Silver Spoon/White.
Triknosana T and Bruised Berry Roll Down Wunder Under Crops.

Stuff your Bra and Cadet Dart and Dash Short

Stuff Your Bra and Pretty Palm Speed Shorts

 Heathered Black Seamless Street Crop and Next to Nothing Tank.

Bruised Berry Speed Shorts