Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More of the Latest and Blue Tropics Compared to Surge

The Blue Tropics LS Scoop Neck Swiftly is a tonka stripe pattern.

The Blue Tropics Short Sleeve Swiftly and Swiftly Tank are Heathered. I'm still trying to figure out the pink tank color. It looks like Vintage Pink to me but that's been out a while so not sure why it would be featured.

Thanks to Ms. S. for a nice comparison of Blue Tropics (left and right) to Surge, in the center.

Pipe Dream Blue Muscle Tank and Deauville Stripe Speed Shorts.

Black Ujjayi, Pipe Dream Energy bra, and Pop Stripe Heathered Light Gray Flow Y.

Heathered Medium Gray Solo Bra and Blue Tropics In the Flow Crops.

Heathered Blue Tropics Swiftly Tops

Drats! I didn't think I needed anymore Swiftlys but I am really loving how saturated Heathered Blue Tropics is looking in the photos. I already have a Bali Breeze Swiftly tank but this color is super pretty. Also shown is a Silver Spoon Wee Space Pace Setter Skirt and Pineapple Print Wunder Under Pants.

Burlap Inspires and More

First photos of the new Burlap Texture Inspire crops, paired with a Blue Tropics scoop neck Swiftly LS. I am not loving them in these photos. Maybe they need to be paired with another color top but so far not that excited about them.

New Swiftly tank colors. I believe the bottom one is Bleached Coral and the top is Heathered Blue Tropic but am not sure about the middle one. I could be Heathered Vintage Pink.

More of the latest Swiftly colors.

Photos of the Club Short and Hot Hitter Polo.

The Cool Racerback crop shown with Skinny Will pant and new pineapple Print Wunder Unders.

Heathered Medium Gray 105F Singlet, Blue Tropics Wee Space Flow Y, and In the Flow Crops.

Solo Bra and In the Flow Crops. The bottom photo also shows the Ujjayi bra.

Shown with a Pretty Purple Muscle Shirt

More of the latest Speed short colors.

Blue Tropic Studio Crop

Great Series of Twist and Wrap Photos

Traditional way to wear it.

Also shown is the Solo Bra and Roll Down Wunder Under Crops in Black Camo.

As a jacket.

It looks halfway decent backwards.

I didn't love the Twist and Wrap at all until I saw this woman model it.  She almost makes me want to get one.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spotted in the Store

New Bangbuster color, which I think is Pop Stripe Heathered Dune/Bleached Coral.

I also saw this Scoop Neck Tank in my store which is a Raspberry Stripe.

I also heard we won't be getting all the Pigment stuff that Australia has gotten. 

New Pink Camo is Called Wamo Camo

The new pink camo is called Whamo Wamo Camo and has Barely Pink in it. I don't know what the other pink tone is yet. I think the other pink tone is Bleached Coral.

Blue Tropic Studio Crop