Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's In the Stores

Fatigure Green Studio Pants with a Cadet Blue Forme Jacket and the Flare Love Some Run LS.

Vintage Pink and Bali Breeze Tuck Me Tanks with Heathered Medium Gray Gather and Crow crops. I am curious to try these on. The heathered medium gray material felt so soft and thick in the Scoop Neck store when I saw it.

New waistbands in the pants.

Gray/Flare Run Times tank. On the rack it looks like there is a Beachscape Multi tank hanging. I tried on the Run Times tank last week and really liked it. The bra is very snug but the hip part flares out nicely and is very roomy. The tank reminded me a lot of the Run For Your Life tank. If the right color combo comes - hoping for a Vintage pink version - I definitely would like one.

A couple more Tuck Me Tank photos.

Cadet Blue Cut the Crop Crops with a Black Love Some Run LS

Forthright Half Zip and Love Some Run LS photos.


Anonymous said...

Can I just ask if LLA or anyone knows the difference between the Dance Studio Jacket 11 and the newest Dance Studio Jacket 111? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love cadet blue!!! I ordered a soot forme but debated whether I should get the cadet blue. I figured I would get more use out of soot as it goes with every color but now I'm having second thoughts...decisions decisions.

I'm loving all of these colors as they all seem to be able to be mixed and matched. Fatigue green looks great with very light flare. And I also love bali breeze with what looks like fresh teal? So pretty!

Anonymous said...

There is a Cadet Blue/Black striped tank hanging on the rack next to the beachscape tank. It's not a crb because the armholes are really large. As long as it's not a burnout I'll definitely be interested in it.

The very light flash color is pretty, but so far I haven't figured out what skin tone it would look great on...certainly not mine.

Alexandra said...

The pink space dye print is in the keep ur cool racer back in ivivva!! Hopefully we see one on the lulu side

Anonymous said...

Easy pass on all.

With the lighting and the mirrored arms, the photo of the women in the vintage pink tuck me tank looks a little eerie.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 4:46. I normally don't buy blues (bought my 1st inkwell in the flow crops this month but that's it) but cadet blue is so pretty. I'm also torn between the forme in soot & cadet blue! I also agree that everything in this new color palette goes great together as well as with the last palette (zing pink, clear mint, etc).

Anonymous said...

@LLA have you seen the new beach scape print in the Luon yet? It goes so white when stretched and has high poly content. Did all of lulu's infamous prints do this also? Like unicorn tears, inkblot, etc?

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen fatigue TALL studio pants in store? I know they aren't online and I'm dying to snag a pair!

Anonymous said...

Ot but has anyone spotted the orange wee wuc in us stores? I know they aren't appealing to everyone but I'd like to try them on and I haven't seen them anywhere. I'm in the midwest. Thanks!

Sb said...

Regarding the difference between Dance Studio Jacket and DSJ III. I have 3 DSJ from a couple of years ago but since I didn't have black, I decided to order the recent III version. I received it yesterday and here is the comparison:

1. Major difference is the length of the cuff on the sleeves. The older version has 8 inches of cuff and the newer III version has only 4 inches. It is so much cuter with 8 inches.

2. There is more rucking on the sleeves with the older version. The ruching is what makes the jacket so unique. Since the III version has less ruching, it balloons out slightly.

3. The compressive elastic portion on the lower part of the jacket is looser in the III version. My older ones are so firm and compressive (but not too tight). The newer version is more stretchy but still compressive enough to be figure flattering.

4. The fit on the chest seems to be a little looser although when I measured armpit-armpit, waist, they were the same.

5. What was the same: the material for the rest of the jacket (same material as dance studio pants), plastic zipper, hair ties with LULU symbol, ruching on the front of jacket and around pocket area, hoodie size, drawstring is slightly more narrow but not much, and the inner lining... .

Overall, if you don't have one, this is an ok replacement. If you already have one, you may not like this version. BTW, I will be returning mine this week. I didn't love it enough to keep it.

Anonymous said...

got my fatigue studio pants - a little lighter in color than i expected but they're keepers. i ordered 6 and 8. i have one of each in the lined studio pants, and the 6 is definitely better, but in the unlined i find the tush too tight (i.e., too revealing of imperfections). i wonder if the 8 will stretch out too much and i'll wish i had ordered the 6, but i wore the 6 around the house for a while and they didn't seem to get much better.

also, something weird about both: when i am not wearing them, the elastic in the waist has little bumps all along it. when i put them on the bumps disappear (obv due to being stretched). has anyone had these bumps with other DSP, and if so, did it end up being an issue?

anyone tried the yogini rucksack yet? i am pretty sure i am going to get one, but curious about any issues.

also loving bali green but not sure what piece i might get. cadet blue nice asana would be nice too!

Anonymous said...

Have the flow and go tanks been seen in any stores yet? Can't wait to try one on!

Anonymous said...

Excited for tonight. Hoping for more camo & cadet blue items!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:35: I saw the orange wee WUC today in a Miami store...only a couple pairs left. Not the color for me so I didn't even take a closer look. I was really disappointed with how sheer the latest neon pink ones were (the full on luon...blanking on the color name)

I did, however, grab a pair of the Hotty Hot shorts. LOVE THEM! Speeds are nice, but never very flattering on me as I'm very short with muscular legs. The HH shorts are definitely short and pretty low rise, but more generously cut in the leg (and there's a liner). I got the navy, all the camo were sold out but size 10. I'd say they're a roomy TTS; I could have sized down to the 4 but my usual 6 was so flattering I didn't bother.

Anonymous said...

@ sb 9:34, thanks for the review of the Dance Studio iii jacket in comparison to the older ones! I'm not the person who asked, but I appreciate it. I have one from 3 years ago in dark grey and love it. I don't think I'd be happy with the iii version.

Anonymous said...

has the problem with the studio pants and crops (waistband) been resolved? Do they still bunch up at the waist?
do plastic threads still stick out and poke your waist? I would love to get them, but I refuse to pay for a pair of pants that are defective.


Anonymous said...

I"m trying to figure out how everyone thinks Lulu is fashionable. Some of the new arrivals are done right ugly.

Anonymous said...

@7:44 the rucksack is great. I have returned 2 backpacks from lulu and was surprised to see a bag that's as functional as men's bags. It fits much better on the back because it's not as long so it comfortably holds weight high like a hiking backpack. I wish it had a waist belt, that's my only complaint. Time will tell if it lasts as well as my hubby's lulu pack