Monday, February 3, 2014

New Striped Tracker II Short Print, Hotty Hot Short, and More

Cute new Tracker II short pattern. I really like these, too. Drat this spring collection is going to bankrupt me. Also shown is a Bali Breeze Run Time Tank.

New Hotty Hot short in Cadet Blue. Shown with a Bali Breeze In a Flash Singlet.

Another Bali Breeze Run Time tank.

I really like Cadet Blue Run Time tank with the Flare plaid Tracker II shorts.

Run Time Tank photos.

Bali Breeze Swiftly Tank and Flare Plaid Tacker II shorts.


stylista diva said...

Bali breeze, yes please! Needing the Tracker II shorts in the stripe pattern and the run time tank in Bali breeze and Cadet blue! I love that you are so on top of what's up & coming for Lulu LLA! Just hoping it all gets to Canada too!

Lauren Kepes said...

hottie hot shorts.... <3

Anonymous said...

I wonder how supportive the bra is on that tank.
I don't think it will work for a 34D-DD bust.
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the difference between the Tracker and the Tracker II?