Friday, January 31, 2014

Bali Breeze Power Y, Bali Breeze Swiftly, and More

New Bali Breeze Swiftly Tank and Power Y - super pretty!

The Wee Space Fatigue Green/Bali Breeze and Wee Space Pink Zing Wunder Under Crops. Shown with the lame Love-Ly tank which seems to be back after a stint on the racks last summer.  I can't say I am a fan of old lululemon, not a second production run but literally old stock, making a reappearance on store racks like this. 

Very Light Flare Cool Racerback

Clear Mint Cool Racerback and Baroque Blue In the Flow Crops.

Heathered Medium Gray Wunder Under Pant Roll Down (Update)

New Heathered Medium Gray Roll Down Wunder Under Pant.

Update - these are cotton. They also have the bar tacks at the bottom where you "hem" them youself by cutting them off. However, I'd probably have my store put a proper hem on them.

2nd update - Hold the phone! These may or may not be cotton. There are two versions out - one a cotton one and one a luon one (yay!).

Pink Zing Wee Space Wunder Under Crop and More

Photo of the Fatigue Studio Pant, Zing Pink Wee Space Wunder Under Crop, and Heathered Medium Gray Roll Down Wunder Under Pant Wee Stripe Medium Gray Wunder Under Pant. The Pink Zing are a lot lighter than I thought.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

NEW! Bali Breeze Energy Bra

Some new items showing up - a new Energy bra. I'm not sure what blue this is. It looks like it could be Angel Blue but I'm not sure. In the background of that photo is a new Power Y color in the same blue. I think the orange Cool Racerback is also new but not sure. I will update when I find out.

New Bali Breeze Energy bra and Power Y. Also shown is a Very Light Flare Cool Racerback. I bet that's the orange we are seeing in the new Zing Pink Wee Space Wunder Under Crops. I really wish lululemon would get the product release issues straightened out so the palettes have more a coherent "story." The way things are being released lately it reminds of how it used be back in 2008 when I first started buying the brand. I'd get a piece of lulu and then wait a few months while the coordinating pieces trickled in.

NEW!! Pink Zing Cadet Blue Wee Are From Space Wunder Under Crops in Canada

New Pink Zing Cadet Blue Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Wunder Under crops have been spotted in Canadian stores.  I hope the US gets these WAFS crops soon, I just came from my store and no wee space or even fatique green Studio Pants.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Queen Tights and More

Photo of the new Ice Queen tights with reflective details at the ankle. The Ice Queens are made of brushed luxtreme. Shown with the Race with Grace Half zip. I've worn my Race with Grace a lot this weekend and took it on a walk last night. It's my first brushed luxtreme pullover and I have to say I really like how brushed lux cuts the wind. The flattering fit and details on this pullover are super nice. If they hit markdown I will definitely be looking for a second one.

More Ice Queen Tight photos. Shown with a Core Kicker Tank and a 105F Singlet.

Fresh Teal Ebb to Street Tank

A couple more Mula Bundle Wraps that make it look halfway decent.

Team Specialized-Lululemon Kit

Tiffany Cromwell and Evelyn Stevens

Thanks to Ms. S. for the heads up on photos of the new Team Specialized-Lululemon Kit. I really like this print and am hoping the women's line is going to see it, too. (If anyone knows the women's line is getting this print please comment.) These photos are from the twitter feeds of Tiffany Cromwell and Specialized Lululemon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ebb to Street Tanks and More

Also shown are striped black In the Flow crops.
The latest Ebb to Street tank colors.

The striped Baroque Blue In the Flow Crops

Every Yogi Tees

The Latest

More photos of the new Ebb to Street tank and bra and In the Flow crops.

Every Yogi Tees and In the Flow Crops

Mula Bundle Jacket

Zing Pink Cool Racerback

New Cadet Blue Race With Grace crops

Monday, January 27, 2014


Fatigue Green Studio Pants

Zing Pink Energy bra

New Green - Bali Green
Canada got Wee Space Fatigue Green WUCs

A few cute new items were uploaded tonight. I really love the Fatigue Green Studio Pants but would like to try these on in the store. Also, a new green was unveiled - Bali Green. It looks a lot like Very Green on my computer screen. I ended up getting the Zing Pink Energy Bra tonight.

What did you order?