Friday, December 27, 2013

Upcoming Items and More of the Latest

 Fresh Teal 105F Singlet, Free to Be Bra, and Bhakti Yoga Short.

105F Singlets

Bhakti Yoga Crop.

Petal Pop Fly Away Tamer and Bangbusters

Flip Your Dog LS (I think) and Bandit Track Pant

More Bhakti Yoga jacket photos.

 Straightup Stripe Cool Racerback

Fresh Teal Swiftly LS, Petal Pop Cool Racerback, and Centered Energy bras

Bhakti Yoga Jacket, Petal Pop CRB, and Bhakti Yoga Jacket

New Apex Stripe Baroque Blue Cool Racerback.

 Petal Pop Speed Shorts are coming.

New Yin Year Hoodie, Baroque Blue Nice Asana Jacket, and Fresh Teal Every Yogi Tee. The hoodie definitely intrigues me if it's a lighter weight fresh terry plus I a psyched for the Every Yogi tee to come back.

Hong Kong got a Baroque Blue Forme Jacket.

More of the Latest

Flip Your Dog LS, In the Flow Crops, Brisk Bloom Power Y,  and Straight Up Stripe No Limit Tank.

Petal Pop Scuba

This photo reminded me why I didn't like the Centered Energy bra when I last tried it on - it can give you back fat. I'm not picking on this woman's shape at all since all modeling photos give useful information to figure out fit, she probably grabbed her normal bra size and either she likes her bras to fit snug so she has support or the Centered Energy runs snug. However, this bra needs to fit on the looser side so the back looks better.

Baroque Blue Speed Tight Cozy and More

New Baroque Blue Speed Tight Cozys are out.

Fresh Teal Swiftly LS, Bandit Track pant, and Post Chaturanga Pullover

Centered Energy bra and Bhakti Short in Baroque Blue

Fresh Teal, Petal Pop Multi (note the white underside - blech), Paris Perfection, and Brisk Bloom Cool Racerbacks. I wonder why lulu is releasing another solid Fresh Teal Cool Racerback. Usually when they do a close repeat of a color like this they'll heather or stripe it. Seems weird to me unless it's old stock.

Also shown is the Namaste Yoga tote in the Petal Pop print

 Bhakti Yoga jacket and crops.

Centered Energy bra and Bhakti Yoga crop

All the new items - Bhakti Yoga jacket, Bandit Track Pant, 105F Singlet, Centered Energy bra, and Bhakti Shorts.

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