Thursday, December 26, 2013

Petal Pop Cool Racerback and More

Petal Pop Cool Racerback and Bhakti Short

Bhakti Yoga Jacket and Crop

Centered Energy Bra

Lavender Dusk 105F Singlet and Bhakti Crops

The Latest and Bhakti Jacket Try On

I checked out the markdown racks and saw a few of the newest items today. The prices in the one store I went to were the same as on the website. I was able to get the Raspberry Energy bra that I had missed when it was uploaded the other night. I also got a Bangbuster in the new Petal Pop Multi print. The headbands can really vary in the print so you'll probably want to cherry pick them for colors, if you can. I saw the Petal Pop CRB but was not a fan. There was a line for the dressing rooms so I didn't try the CRB on. A little of this print goes a long way - it'll be fun in Speed shorts but I don't see myself getting a tank in this print.

I tried on the new Bhakti jacket. I thought the fit was similar to a Forme, maybe snugger in the upper arms, and it fit TTS for me. This is a ten. It's a unique-looking jacket but I prefer to be able to partially unzip my jackets to show off the tank underneath or to cool down and the double zipper on this jacket precludes that. I also thought this jacket on the warm side, particularly with the double layer in the front, so I wouldn't be able to use this once the weather warms up, which is most of the year for me. For these reasons I left it at the store. However, I really like this blue so I hope there are some interesting run pullovers or a Forme coming in this color.

Hmm, I didn't play with lowering the zippers like in this photo. Maybe I'll have to try the jacket on again.
More Bhakti Yoga Jacket photos.

Bhakti Yoga crop.

The new Fresh Teal Striped Swiftly LS. It looks see through in this photo but I felt it up in the store and it seemed soft and on the thicker side. I didn't get a chance to try it on, though. Shown on the right side is the Bhakti yoga jacket.

The Petal Pop Scuba. I saw this at the store. The colors in this photo are true to life. I thought it was a bit too juvenile for me.

Bhakti Yoga crop, jacket and 105F Singlet.

Did any of you check out your stores markdown racks today? Any great deals out there?

Baroque Blue Bhakti Jacket and More

The Baroque Blue Bhakti Jacket. Shown with the Bhakti crops and Petal Pop Multi Cool Racerback. I am reading fit reports that you might want to size up in the jacket.

Baroque Blue Swiftly LS and Bandit Track Pant.

Bhakti Crops

Fresh Teal 105 F Singlet. Shown with the Centered Energy bra and In a Flash shorts in the top photo and Shine On bag in the bottom photo.

New Cool Racerbacks in Fresh Teal and Petal Pop Multi, Fresh Teal Swiftly and Centered Energy bras.