Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Not too much new uploaded at this point. Here is a link for the Vinyasa. I'll update if more shows up later.

More of the Latest

Aria Tank in Paris Perfection and Parallel Stripe Wunder Under crop.

Shown on top are the Chevron Dot and Brisk Bloom Flow Y bras. Chevron Dot Flow Y bra, Brisk Bloom Energy bra, and new vinyasa in black/wee striped white heathered gray. I've heard this new vinyasa is thick and soft.

The LS black striped Swiftly is finally hitting the stores - reports are right, it's super soft one. Shown with the chevron dot Pace Setter skirt.

Chevron Dot Pace Setter Skirt.

Brisk Bloom Free to Be Bra and Coastal Tank.

Macro Micro Wunder Under Pant. Also shown are the Parallel Stripe WUC and Wee Stripe Hi Lo Wunder Under Pant.

Forme Jackets, Nice Asana, and Scuba in the Brisk Bloom print.

 White herringbone Nice Asana Jacket.

The Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Pant.

Universal Stripe Base Runner LS and More

The Universal Stripe Base Runner LS. I tried this on this morning and really liked it, the rulu was nice and thick. You'll want to cherry pick the stripe placement, if you can.

Open Your Heart Pants.

New wee stripe Hi Low Wunder Under Pants and Inner Calm LS.

More Wunder Under Crop in the Parallel Stripe. I hustled my rear down to the store this morning to get a pair. I got there within half an hour of opening and an ed told me they had already sold 15 pairs of them. From what I can tell no US stores got the crops in a ten- does anyone know why this is? I ended up getting an eight and they will become goal crops for me, unless the ten comes in later and I will exchange them. The fit reports of these were true - they are nicely soft, opaque and run on the large side. You can size down in them.  

The coco pique Base Runner Half Zip.

The new Wunder Unders in Parallel Stripe, Wee Stripe, and Macro Micro Stripe.