Monday, December 16, 2013


The Parallel Stripe Black WUCs showed up on the US side only and only to size 8 so I didn't get a pair. I'll have to hunt them down at a store.

The parallel stripe WUP showed up through size 10, US only, but I didn't get them.

The good news is that the Coco Pique WUP showed up on both sides. I love these pants. They're probably my favorite of the three textured I've bought - herringbone, mini check pique, and coco. I've worn them a lot and don't have any pilling in the crotch. I think they fit TTS.

Some of the other new items that were uploaded.

Once again, people had trouble seeing the new items right away. The secret is to clear your history and cookies. I'm reading people are having trouble checking out, too.

I didn't get anything.

What did you order?

They're Here!

Posted from an Arizona store - the parallel stripe WUC. I've read these are soft and fit on the larger side so if you are in between sizes you might want to size down.

Oh yes, an anonymous commenter tells us these are also coming in Wunder Under Pants.

Brisk Bloom Nice Asana, Chevron Dot Pace Setter Skirt, and More

The newest Nice Asana Jackets in Brisk Bloom and Herringbone.

New Pace Setter Skirt in the Chevron Dot.

The In A Flash Skirt is in stores. These sold out fast on line. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photos.)

Paris Pink Swiftly and Chevron Dot and Brisk Bloom Speed Shorts

Yogi Racer Tank

New waistband on Groove pants.

Open Your Heart LS

 Runday Crops

Brushed Forme Jacket in Surge

Black Tame Me Tank

Chevron Dot Scuba 

Runday Crop Performance Review

Paired with a black Mod Waves Cool Racerback

I took the tags off my new Runday crops for a six mile run yesterday and I was very happy with them. They have to be among the most comfortable run crops I've bought. The luxtreme is thick, opaque, and compressive all the way down.  The waistband is a little bit higher than Inspires, wide and very supportive. Since the weather was hot (I think it got into the upper 70s during my run) I unzipped the calf zippers and I could feel the breeze through the mesh as I ran. The back pocket is nicely roomy and my iPhone easily fit in it. I also had a couple gels and my car keys in the front pockets and they didn't bother me at all. The length is definitely on the long side, these are 1.5" longer than Inspires so they end up close to my ankles. All in all, a great run crop. I liked them so much after my run I went to the store and picked up a pair for my sister as her Christmas present. As for sizing I found the parallel black stripe ones to run a bit larger and could wear my size down for a more compressive feel without worrying about sheerness.