Friday, December 13, 2013

Some Try On Reports

Angel Swiftly and Brisk Bloom Speed Shorts.

Parallel Stripe Runday crops. I ended up getting these today. They are nicely thick and opaque. I don't know why I didn't love the Rundays the last time I tried them on but these felt super comfortable and the waistband is very wide and it gives you a nice luxtreme tummy tuck (to borrow a phrase from a friend - thanks Ms. M.). 

I know I've used this photo earlier but I tried on both the Practice Daily crops and Wunder Under Pants in the Soot Brisk Bloom print. This print is 88% polyester but not scratchy like the Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque was. As people have reported, it's on the sheer side. I think I could get away with wearing gray underwear underneath but I didn't care for the big print on my big legs. I preferred the Daily Crops to the WUP since the seaming on the pant broke the pattern up and the seaming adds camouflage across the rear since there are four seams on your backside.

Iconic Wrap - I tried on the 12, which should have fit fine, and found the arms super tight. I think that is par for the course for this style.

The newest Open Your Heart LS.

I tried on this scuba and thought the material was nicely thick but didn't love the black band across the bottom. It made the top look shorter than it is and cut me in half.

Tame Me Tank and Core Kicker Crop

The Tame Me Tanks have yet a new material on the bottom, the website calls it breathable mesh (last time it was Circle Mesh and the release before that was Silverescent). I think this makes for the lightest Tame Me yet. I've owned both previous versions and ending up selling them. I just can't get on board with this blousy style for some reason and I don't know why. They're very comfortable and great for bustier women. They do well in the resale market and are sought after, too. I may end up getting another one of these to try. I do love tanks with a lot of mesh in them and I liked this one when I tried it on today. If you are a Tame Me fan you'll want to check these out.

Parallel Stripe Base Runner Half Zip.

Oh yes, I saw Swiftly headbands in Guava Lava today. I cannot wait for more of this pretty color in the Swiftlys.

Tame Me Tanks and More

Tame Me tank in Parallel Stripe and Brisk Bloom.

Parallel Stripe Base Runner Half Zip.

Forme Jacket


Calm and Cozy

 Moto jacket, including a nice photo showing the inside lining.

 Brisk Bloom Practice Daily Crop.

New savasana socks.