Friday, December 6, 2013

FYI - Black Passage Sweater Issue

FYI - A second person in my rather small chat group of 600 women has reported a hole in the armpit of their Black Passage Sweater. One person's sweater arrived with the hole. The second person developed a hole their first day wearing it. Both sweaters with this problem were black. This looks like an easily fixable issue but a $128 sweater shouldn't be having this problem in the first place. Check your armpits, ladies. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

More Passage Sweater Photos

Run: Reflective Jacket $50 Less This Year

Thanks to Ms. C. for getting some nice photos of the Run: Reflective Jacket. It looks like the same jacket as last year, to me, though the price is $50 cheaper. The lulu version is a very nice price compared to a similar Nike jacket which is $450. I know some of you have been looking for these again. I've only seen the silver version pop up this year. Last year there was also a black version.