Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Mail Day - Paris Perfection CRB, Gratitude Wrap, and Feel Good Pants

Welcome to the family, Paris Perfection.

I had to monkey with the color on this photo a little because it was pasting into the blog super saturated but I think it looks better now. From left to right: Pow Pink, Raspberry Glo, Pinkelicious, and Paris Perfection. I think Paris Perfection is closest to Pow Pink of the hot pinks I own. I don't have any Paris items to compare this to, sorry, but when I find a photo of a comparison I will post it.  The good news is that this CRB is made in Canada. I have read it's a thicker one. I didn't try it on yet since I went to the dermatologist today and had some minor procedures so didn't want to risk staining my shirt. I will let you know tomorrow about thickness and softness.

I also got the Gratitude Wrap I ordered the other day. This is the heathered Inkwell in a size 10, which seems to be my jacket size in most things. I think it looks better than GWs have in the past but I don't love the style and I've been spending like crazy so it will be going back. The jacket is TTS but snug in the arms.

Heathered Black new Feel Goods on left and original Black Feel Goods on right (my camera washed it out a bit)
I also got my Feel Good pants today. Unfortunately, they do not feel as good as the original Feel Goods which were super soft on the inside (and outside). They aren't bad, but they aren't true Feel Goods. I think the material is the same as that used in the new Calm and Cozy pants. The material is also a bit thinner than the original Feel Goods. This isn't a deal breaker for me since I can only use my Feel Goods in cooler months where I live but they are not the same snuggly Feel Goods we know and love. The fit is the same, though - a close fitting sweat pant. I am not sure whether I will be returning these or not since they are a super casual sweat pant. My current Feel Goods are too big and I really don't feel like hunting down used Feel Goods in my new size. Those of you who ordered new Feel Goods and have old ones, what did you think? Are you keeping yours?

Also, not part of my mail day but thought I would include it in this batch of non-store photos. The top are the new Black and White swiftlys that were just uploaded tonight. The bottom is a comparison of the Heathered Soot Swiftly that was out a couple of months ago to the new Black Striped Swiftly that just came out. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photos.)


Baroque Scuba - gorgeous! (this is the black one)

I hope you all got your pique Vinyasa. I put the link on Facebook and Twitter so I hope you were able to order it. Some cute things tonight. I am definitely interested in the Black Striped Swiftly tank or SS but am not sure which to get. I had both in my cart but I decided to step back and not order more things tonight. I am planning on returning my GW, which I got today - I'll do another post on that - to the store tomorrow so I am hoping to figure out which Swiftly to get then.

Did you get anything tonight? I gave into the hype and got the Vinyasa even though I am Vinyasa-challenged.

Speed Tight luxtreme - Brisk Bloom Soot
How did I miss these beauties on the Canadian side? So pretty but I never wear luxtreme tights. I hope they are coming in a crop.

Pique Vinyasas In US Stores!

Ruh roh, the Pique Vinyasa scarves are in the stores now. Yet another reason for you to head back there this week. ;-)  This is from a US store.

New Grooves, Paris Perfection Cool Racerback, and Paris Perfection No Limit tank. These photos are from a lulu showroom so I hope they will be hitting regular stores soon. Anyone seen any Paris Perfection items in their regular stores yet?

The Black and White striped Swiftlys. The top photo is interesting because you can tell she is wearing the reversible Paris Perfection Wunder Unders in it. I think the color is only "bleeding" through so obviously because a flash was used.

 Deep Zinfandel Gratitude Wrap. I like the bottom slightly cinched like this.

 Post Chaturanga Pullover and Paris Perfection Wunder Unders.

Paris Perfection Wunder Unders with a Swiftly striped tank and Ruffled Scuba.