Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude Wraps Coming Next Week

"Vintage" Static Charcoal (STCH) Gratitude Wrap
I heard from my inside source and she said Gratitude Wraps are coming next week in Heathered Deep Zinfandel, Heathered Black, Heathered Inkwell, and Heathered White. I'm not sure when they will be uploaded. However, last year there was a late Sunday night upload for Cyber Monday. I'll try to get the word out via Facebook and Twitter (and here) if/when there is one.

Special Edition Items and More

Some of the details on the SE stuff

 SE Bow CRB. I am reading you need to size up in the lace SE CRB because the lace isn't very stretchy.
Special Edition - Ruffled Up Scuba
 The new black and white striped Wunder Under crops.

 White Yoga Racer burnout tank

The Calm and Cozy jacket are in the stores

Deep Zinfandel Reversible Wunder Under Pants

 Inkwell/Assorted Stripe Surge No Limit Tank

Just Be Tee

The new water bottles and toiletry kits.

If anyone heads out to their stores tomorrow tell us the deals you spot. I am debating heading to the malls to see what is on the markdown racks but am leaning towards not going.

Upcoming Black and White Brisk Bloom and Paris Items

Due to an odd glitch on the website if you search for "Brisk Bloom" or "Paris" the following times come up. I bet these are what's coming for Cyber Monday.