Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Speed Shorts, Push UR Limts, Hot Cheeks Shorts, and More

The new Speed Shorts in Beautiful Baroque and Raspberry plaid are just gorgeous. I can't tell if the Raspberry Swiftlys are that much different in color from the Paris and Pow Pink ones I already have. From the photos I have seen so far it looks pretty close to those colors.

Shown with In the Flows

The new Push UR Limits in Surge, Raspberry and Deep Zinfandel.

From Australia, Wunder Under Crops (!!!) in the Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Print. I knew I should have waited to take the tags off the BB WUP I bought. I supposed I can always get them hemmed into crops.

More Base Runner Pant photos. I couldn't resist and took the tags off mine yesterday. Of course, the weather popped up into the 90s (!) today. A nice surprise was how little pet hair the rulu fabric picks up.

Hot Cheeks shorts.

Herringbone Pique Nice Asana jacket. I kind of like this.

Pique Neck Warmer

Fleecy Keen jacket.

Shown with the Hot Cheeks Shorts

Fluff Off Vest, Pullover, and Jackets.

The New Speed Short Colors

Enough of this Fluff Off stuff that is totally irrelevant to my climate and workout needs, lol - New Speed shorts in Raspberry Gros Gingham, paired with a Raspberry Swiftly (want!) and the Raspberry Push UR Limits.

Also new are the Beautiful Baroque Inkwell Speed Shorts - super pretty! I wonder if these are coming in Groovy Runs, too.

The new full weight luon Power Ys. From now on Power Ys are going back to being full weight luon - yay! (Thanks to the read who tipped me about the change.)

The new Fluff Off Run hat. Some people think they look goofy but I have a down hat similar to this for skiing and it's just marvelous for keeping your head warm.

I would guess these Base Runners are both in these women's typical top size. So, if you don't like your tops this clingy then size up in the Base Runner.

I really like the Surge/Inkwell Base Runner LS/ White Vest combo.

More of the Latest

Raspberry Gros Gingham Speed Shorts. I hope these are coming in a Groovy Run, too.

 Raspberry Push UR Limits. These are hitting US stores now.

 Base Runner pant and LS, Fluff Off Jacket.

 Deep Zinfandel Inspires and Base Runner LS.