Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Orchid No Limits Tank, More Fit Reviews, and More

For those of you who are Astro pant fans you'll like this, the newest Raspberry and Winter Orchid waistband Astros made of Full On Luon are made in Canada. I've never liked Astro pants in the past. I've tried them on several times over the years and always thought the luon used felt thin and had bad coverage. I know, it could be just the random samples of the ones I chose to try on since I've run into the same problem with Groove pants, but I really liked the Full On Luon Astro pants I tried on today. The material felt nice and thick and the fit seemed more like the older Groove pant before they narrowed the knee. I am not that familiar with Astro fit so not sure how they fit compared to Groove but I think I am a new fan of the new Full On Luon Astros. I especially like that they are made in Canada.

The new Surge Cool Racerback is made in Canada. It was thick and soft. I didn't get it because the color doesn't appeal to me but it's a color that looks fantastic on blondes.

The Raspberry stripe and this new Winter Orchid Stripe Power Y are made of full weight luon. Love that some prints are being offered in the full weight luon Power Ys these days. I am just not a fan of the light luon Power Ys. I bought the Purple Striped one today.

The tag in the Full On Luon Yeah Yoga crop. I liked the full on luon fabric in these crops - opaque, good coverage, soft, and no sheen.

This is a photo of the inside of the black Base Runner Pant. It's the same rulu used in one of the Vinyasa scarves.

I tried on the latest winter run stuff - the Base Runner LS, and the Fluff Off Jacket, Vest, and Pullover. I liked the Base Runner LS and thought it fit a clingy TTS. It wasn't reversible like the Turn Around LS and I didn't love the obvious technical look to it so I left it at the store and came home with a Raspberry Open Your Heart LS instead.  I really like my Inkwell OYH and have been wearing it a lot. Of all the Fluff Off stuff and Fleecy Keen jacket I liked the vest the best. The jacket was really nice but I wasn't a huge fan of how the rows of quilting got wider in back. I thought it visually widened me and I need more narrowing in that area. I thought the PO and jacket fit TTS if you weren't going to layer anything under it or just wear a thin layer like a Swiftly. Same thing with the Fleecy Keen - a snug TTS. I tried everything on with a sports bra. I thought the vest fit TTS.

The rows of quilting get wider from waist to bottom hem.

Yeah Yoga Tank and Crop.

So far, the Raspberry No Limit is only in Canadian stores and check out the cute new Winter Orchid/Deep Zinfandel No Limit Tank. This was uploaded to the Hong Kong website. I think I like this better than the Raspberry but I kind of like both.

Also uploaded to Hong Kong were Deep Zinfandel/Gros Gingham Speed Shorts.

 This surge run hat is super cute.

Pretty new Deep Zinfandel/Winter Orchid Vinyasa Scarf.

Some photos of the Raspberry Open Your Heart LS popped up. 

Raspberry Push UR Limits and Base Runner Pant.

The Latest and Some Fit Reviews

The new Hot Cheeks shorts. These are only in Canadian stores from what I can tell. Also shown are the Deep Zinfandel Base Runner LS, White Fluff Off Vest, Fluff Off Jacket, Surge/Inkwell Base Runner LS, and a Surge Run With Me Ear Warmer.

Photos of the new Base Runner Pant. I tried these on in the store today and really liked them. They are going to be keepers for me. I like them better than last year's similar Make a Move Pant. Those had a high waist, drop crotch, and awkwardly placed pockets. These have a normal crotch and are TTS but have roomy legs so you can pull them on over a pair of run tights. I need to figure out a 'technical' use for them since right now they are comfy around the house $108 pants for me. I think they would make a nice base layer under ski pants but we don't go skiing that often. Also shown are the Base Runner LS and Fluff Off Vest and Pullover.

Yeah Yoga Tank and Crop. I tried both these on today and really liked them. I ended up going home with the Inkwell Beautiful Baroque Yeah Yoga. The upper back is totally open and the lower back is mesh so it's super cool. My gym remodeled recently and replaced most of the step machines with stair mills so I've been doing stair mill workouts in between run days. It's really paying off as far as helping me run up hills but I find it a super hot workout so I am on the lookout for the coolest tanks I can find. I wore my new Beautiful Baroque Wunder Under Pants yesterday for a stair mill workout and found them really hot (and a bit itchy which I am hoping will go away with washing) so I am looking for tops to wear with these pants. Anyway, back to the Yeah Yoga Tank - I found it TTS and a nice tank for bustier women. It reminds me a bit of the Top Speed Tank in overall shape. It's very light support but I don't have to worry about bounce on the stair mill and I am willing to trade support for cooling.

I also really liked the Yeah Yoga crop. I was a little afraid of the mesh down the side but it's fully opaque. I think it's double-layered because I tried it on in both black and Inkwell and couldn't see my pale skin through the mesh like I have in other crops with mesh panels. I thought the sizing was a snug TTS. It's made of the full on luon fabric so it's more compressive.  I liked the feel of the Full On Luon used in these crops and thought the opacity was fine. I really liked the seaming in the back and thought they gave a nice shape to my behind. I need to lose more weight before I can fit these correctly but they are on my radar now.

Surge Push UR Limits. I ended up returning the Deep Zinfandel Push UR Limits I ordered last week - the color is too dark to show up nicely against black pants - so I was hoping to see the other colors of this tank in the store but no luck. I thought the fit of the Push was exactly the same as previous releases.

Fluff Off Hat and More

 Fluff Off Vest and Inkwell/Surge Base Runner LS.

 Fluff Off Pullover and Base Runner Pant. Also shown is the Fluff Off hat.

Fluff Off Jacket, Vest, and Hat. Also shown is the Base Runner Pant.

Deep Zinfandel Fluff Off Jacket. The color looks so rich here and in other photos it looks dull.

Surge Push UR Limits and More

The Push UR Limits are finally hitting the stores - yay! I got mine last week and it seems to fit exactly the same as previous releases. I liked it but not sure I loved the Deep Zinfandel color since it doesn't really pop against black bottoms too much. I want to try on the other colors in this tank.

Base Layer Pant and LS. I am hoping to try on the pant today.

The Inkwell/Surge striped Base Layer LS.

Darn, the purple ear warmer is the $38 Fluff Off one. I just wanted a plain rulu one in purple, bummer. Also shown is the Fluff Off Pullover in Deep Zinfandel.

Inkwell Fleecy Keen Jacket

More Pullover Photos.

Men's Barricade jacket also shown

Fluff Off Vest Photos

Fluff Off Jacket