Monday, November 11, 2013


2 in Run Top

Base Runner 1/2 Zip

Hot Cheeks Shorts

Run Day Crop
Base Runner Pant
People are once again having problems loading the new items for this week's upload. They're having to clear out caches and switch browsers to see everything - what's the deal, lulu? Anyway, quite a few people are scooping up the new down and pique rulu items. I ordered the Base Runner rulu pant in black. My beloved Feel Good Sweats are a bit big on me so I am kind of looking for a replacement for those. Not sure if these will be it, though, but am curious to try them. I also ordered the Deep Zinfandel Bangbuster. I was thinking about the Winter Orchid and Raspberry Swiftlys but I'll check those out in the store. I was also looking for the Raspberry No Limit Tank and the Deep Zinfandel striped Power Y but those were not uploaded to the US side of the website. I might have ordered a Raspberry Energy bra but only Canada got that. The new Run Day crops also look interesting. It says they are luxtreme and mesh. I want to try these on in the store. The new 2 in Run tank is interesting only in the material I used to know as Silverescent seems to be renamed to Seriously Light Luon. I also noticed some of luxtreme items have been renamed "Interlock", such as the luxtreme Wunder Unders. The little pop-up box says Interlock is a double layer of luxtreme. If Interlock is the extra compressive, thick, opaque luxtreme then bring it on. I can't say how much I love my luxtreme Wunder Unders. Start making some Interlock Inspires, lululemon.

What did you order? I am reading of some large-dollar orders tonight.

Fluff Off, Base Runner Pant, and More

Thanks to Ms. A. for the tag photo.

More Fluff Off Pullover photos. Note the black one has herringbone sleeves.

The Surge/Inkwell Base Runner is regular rulu not pique rulu

Thanks to Ms. A. for the tag photo.

Base Runner LS and Pant photos. Also, shown is the Fluff Off Pullover in Surge and Vest in White. I kind of like the Surge/Inkwell striped one.

A nice comparison photo showing the Turn Around LS in black against the Raspberry Base Runner LS. Both are the same size. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

Shown with Inspire crops.

Thanks to Ms. A. for the tag photo.
More Fluff Off Vest photos.  

 Fluff Off Jacket.

Fluff Off Pullover and Jacket and Fleecy Keen Jacket.

  Fluff Off Earwarmer

New Astros and Grooves in Beautiful Baroque/Deep Zinfandel Stripe and the Deep Zinfandel stripe Power Y - I definitely want the Power Y if it gets uploaded.

Winter Orchid Base Runner LS, Base Runner Pant, and More

Ok, I wasn't really loving the Base Runner LS until I saw the Winter Orchid one. I might order this one. Also show with rulu base runner pants. I remember ordering a pair of running luon sweat pant-looking things last year and I am totally blanking on the name of them now. (Update - it was the Make A Move pant.)
 Fluff Off Jacket and a new Winter Orchid and Deep Zinfandel Ear Warmer. I think I need that ear warmer, too - love the purples.

 Fleecy Keen jacket and Base Runner Pants.

NEW!! Fluff Off Pullover, Jacket, Vest; Fleecy Keen Jacket, and Base Runner LS and Pant

The new down items have hit the stores. This is the Surge Fluff Off Pullover. The pullover is $158.

The Fluff Off Jacket in Black, White, and Deep Zinfandel. The jacket is $198.

New Base Runner LS in Pique Rulu. This looks like the same extra warm rulu used in the super popular Turn Around LS (aka, TA LS). I wish this top was as simply designed as the TA. The LS is $88. Also shown is the Fluff Off Vest and Base Runner Pant.

More Fluff Off Vest photos. Shown with the Raspberry Base Runner LS.

The new Fleecy Keen Jacket. This is $198.