Sunday, November 10, 2013

Full On Luon: Marvelous or Meh?

Fabric Content for Full On Luon Wunder Under Pants

Fabric Content for Full On Luon Skinny Groove Pant
I think quite a few of you have tried some Full On Luon pants by now. I made it a point to try the Wunder Under Crops, Pants, and Skinny Groove Pants in the Full On Luon fabric last week. I tried on the WUP over the summer when the fabric first came out and I really liked it. I thought the compression and opacity was very nice.  However, when I tried on the Skinny Grooves last week I really disliked the fabric. Though it was compressive, I thought it had a bit of a sheen and didn't have very good coverage or opacity in a bend. I went back to another store the next day to try on the Full On Luon Wunder Under pants to compare to Skinny Grooves and once again, really liked the WUP. I couldn't figure out what was different until I took a look at the content tags and it seems there are different "flavors" of Full On Luon. This could explain why some people are liking the fabric in one style of pant and others are not. This kind of blows because I've been cherry picking black pants by look and feel for the past three years now and it looks like that won't end. I think overall I like the feel of my older black luon pants. I know the new fabric is more compressive but if I want compressive technical pants then I am going to buy luxtreme (the Luxtreme Wunder Under crops are just fantastic) because I find it cooler and I don't have to worry about pet hair clinging to it. The eds at my store told me people have been sizing up in the Full On Luon items. I know I've read comments from people who have tried that but found the bottoms loose in the crotch. I think overall people are finding Full On Luon more sheer than opaque. Since the fabric is more compressive I think lululemon might need to adjust the fit of their bottoms or, alternatively, they could try and dig up the recipe for luon from about four years ago.

Black is blah - some recent pant purchases. The black are Luxtreme Wunder Under crops.

On a related note, I think a lot of people are moving on from black luon bottoms. Prints are popular these days and lots of people prefer luxtreme because you don't have to worry lint rolling your pants before you leave the house.

What about you, did you try Full On Luon? Have you moved on from black luon?

Raspberry Open Your Heart LS, Raspberry Pure Balance Sweater, and More

Thanks to Ms. W. for the photo. Raspberry Open Your Heart LS on the left.
Photos of the Raspberry Open Your Heart LS. I've worn it twice and I really like the Inkwell Open Your LS I bought last week. I wouldn't mind another one but they're pricey and I'm not sure if I want one in Raspberry.

A couple of photos of the Raspberry Pure Balance Sweater. (Thanks to Ms. E. for the photos.)

The Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket.

The Winter Orchid/Deep Zinfandel striped Power Y, shown with a Beautiful Baroque Forme Jacket. I definitely want to try this Power Y on, I am a sucker for purples.

Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Crops and Raspberry Scuba.

Deep Zinfandel Beautiful Baroque Wunder Under Pants, Uba Hoodie, and Raspberry Aria Tank.

 Black Beautiful Baroque Cool Racerback.

Pure Balance Sweater and Reversible Raspberry Wunder Under Pants.