Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Herringbone and Pique Forme Jacket Photos

Photos of the Herringbone Forme Jacket.

Pique Forme on Left, Herringbone on Right

The Pique Forme

Pique Forme vs. Define

Define left, Forme Jacket right

My pique Forme came today. I think it's pretty much the same color as the Black Coal Mini Check pique Define I bought last year. I took the Define off the drying rack and it's still a bit wet so I think that is why it looks darker than the Forme in these photos. I'll check again tomorrow when the Define is dry. (Oh yeah, it's not the design, the Forme is two sizes smaller than the Define. That is the reason I got the Forme, to replace the Define since it's a bit big on me now. I like the fit of the Forme II much better than the original Forme and the stretchy pique makes it nicely figure-hugging.)

Pique and Herringbone Forme Jackets Have Hit the Stores!

Left to right: Pique Forme, Brushed Forme, Herringbone Forme
The Pique Forme
Herringbone Forme (thanks to Ms. E. for the photo)
The Pique and Herringbone Forme Jackets have hit the stores. These photos are all from US stores.

Store Trip Report

I went to check out the latest arrivals at the store yesterday and ended up going home with a pair of the black Dog Runner pants. Everyone raves about these pants and after freezing my butt off watching my kids' soccer games this past weekend bundled up in herringbone Will Pants, a rulu Layer Me LS and a Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover (man, I hope those are making a comeback this year) I wanted something a little warmer on the bottom. I also tried on the brushed Wunder Under Pants and Brushed Grooves, too. I really liked the brushed WUP - I could definitely feel they were brushed and a bit warmer feeling than regular luon WUP. They were slightly thicker and totally opaque. I thought the Dog Runners were a bit warmer since they have a rulu under layer and a stretchy Glyde layer. One of the eds was telling me she loves them a lot and uses them while she coaches outside. They definitely have a "coach" look to them and that is another reason I got them since I don't have anything similar to them. They are a bit on the long side for me, about 3" too long, but for now I am going to try cinching them up though I might get them hemmed if that doesn't work for me. I thought the fit was TTS but I've checked the on line reviews and lots of people said they sized down in them which I don't get. I am spot on for the lulu hip measurement for my size but I do have junk in the trunk and thick legs so maybe people who carry their weight differently get away with moving down a size.

Back to the Brushed WUP and Grooves, I thought they fit TTS. The fabric feels a bit thicker than regular luon and they were opaque. I liked them and will put the WUP on my maybe-if-I-find-some -extra-money-somewhere list.

My store had the October Inkwell WAFS print Run For Fun crops in so  I tried them on to see how opaque the print is. I thought the fabric felt similar to the plum WAFS, on the softer side compared to the black WAFS Inspires I recently bought, but unlike the plum it was more opaque. I tried on the size down and had on black underwear and couldn't see anything when I bent over. If they make this color in Inspires or the RFYL crops (the Run For Fun crops have no back zipper pocket) make it to North America I'd consider getting them.

My store also got in the Green Bean WAFS Can't Stop crops and I tried those on to see how opaque those were. This material feels like the Soot WAFS - thick and compressive and was opaque. It's a pretty wild print but I'd consider Inspires in these, too.

I tried on the new Ride Inside Tank in Pretty pink and the new Ride Inside Crops in black. The tank is ok, it didn't wow me, but it's a perfectly functional tank and very cool feeling. I tried on the Pretty Pink in my TTS and the size down and both were on the sheer side. I would say the girl in the top photo is wearing her TTS so if you want it more fitted-looking you should size down. I also tried on the crops. I thought they fit a bit on the loose side, particularly through the abdomen/crotch area. I think maybe the diamond mesh side panel gives that feeling since it's stretchier than luxtreme. I don't think I would size down in them, though. I thought the crops were comfortable enough but not sure why I'd get these rather than wear a pair of luxtreme run crops or luxtreme Wunder Unders to spin. Also, unlike the Spinerette shorts that came out last year, these do not have a double layered crotch panel that helps against wear on luxtreme bottoms. I've worn pinholes into my luxtreme crops from rubbing against the saddle (I mean it takes lots of lots of classes over a year to do this but it happened). I am disappointed that feature was left out. I wasn't that impressed by the luxtreme and these and could see the shadow on my underwear when I bent over.

Double layered crotch area of the Spinerette shorts