Wednesday, October 30, 2013

November Sneak Peek Video Screen Shots (Updated)

Lululemon just posted a new November Sneak Peek on Instagram and there are a couple of interesting things on it. First - what looks like a new tie dye print that is shown in these bottoms (LOVE!!). (Some people are saying it looks like the Seabed print. It's close but different.) It also looks like there might be a new No Limit-type tank out A reader comments this is a 105F Singlet and a Flow Y. It looks like it might be either Pow Pink Light or something pretty close to it. I guess it could be in Raspberry Glo but I kind of hope it might be Pow Pink Light or another pink.

It looks like there is a new floral print coming and those Ebb-looking bottoms have a purple tinge to them so I'm thinking there might be a dark purple coming. Update - the purple is Deep Zinfandel.

Peek of a new jacket style.  Though, this could be an older style (Puddle Jumper?) that I don't recognize off the top of my head from this screen shot.

 Looks like the same tie dye pattern is showing up in a tank.

 New burn out style shirt.

New stripe color print in a CRB.

Update: A reader comments in the black print is a large floral print, large black roses. This is the black roses print as a reminder for everyone:

More Updates/Scoop - Surge is definitely coming for November, along with some new prints, and the Every Yogi Tee and LS is coming back, too. I am so excited for that. The Every Yogi is one of my favorite tee styles. Also, a new down jacket and pullover are coming

More of the Latest

The Brushed Nice Asana, Astro Pant and Pretty Pink Ebb to Street Tank.

The website error regarding the Forme jacket uploaded Monday night has been updated - it now says 'textured' (meaning pique) instead of 'herringbone'. Mine comes tomorrow - yay! I am dying to see some store photos of the jacket but I don't think it's hit the stores yet.