Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green Bean Star Runner Pullover and More

One of the few pictures posted today that isn't of the fugly Ride Inside line - Pretty Pink Power Y and Paisley Inkwell Wunder Under Pants.

The new Green Bean Star Runner Pullover. Also shown are the Pique/Herringbone Astro pants.

The new brushed luon items - Grooves, Astros, Wunder Under Pants, and Forme jackets. Anyone try them on yet? Do they feel nice and cozy?

New Vinyasa (thinking it might be a rulu one) spotted in stores. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

More of the Ride Inside Inside line. This'll probably be the last I post of this line because I dislike it that much. Where are the Pique Forme jacket photos already?