Monday, October 28, 2013


You'd better hurry if you want to get this Forme Jacket, it's selling very fast. Though the title calls this jacket "Herringbone" the fabric is the Pique. The color it comes in - black/deep coal (color code BLDO) - is the same for the pique Wunder Under and Skinny Will Pants.  Moreover, people have contacted the GEC via the chat feature and they confirmed the title is wrong and this is the pique Forme.

If you are wondering whether there actually will be a Herringbone Forme jacket coming, the answer is yes. The above is the product notice email photo for the BLDO (Black/Deep Coal) Forme Jackets, i.e., the pique.

This is the product notice photos for the Heathered Slate Forme jackets. Heathered Slate = HESA = herringbone color code.

A Heathered Slate, i.e., Herringbone, Nice Asana Jacket was uploaded tonight.

 A solid Green Bean Star Runner Pullover was uploaded. 

New Paisley Inkwell Cool Racerback.

The new Karma Longsleeves look interesting. I want to try these on in the store.

The Wee Space October Inkwell Run For Fun crops were uploaded. I certainly hope there is another style run crop coming in this color. These crops do not have a back zipper pocket and I won't buy run crops without one.

The Ride Inside crops were uploaded. You can clearly see the diamond mesh used in the vertical leg panel. I am not a fan of this mesh as it's too see-through. I tend to like lulu's spin capsules a lot but I am not impressed by this fall's version at all.

I ordered the Pique Forme tonight. Did you order anything?

NEW! All Tied Up Tank and More

From Australia, a new tank - the All Tied Up tank. Also shown are new Wunder Under crops with a Pretty Pink, Silver Spoon, and Angel Wing Waistband.

The new Pretty Pink Ebb to Street tank and Inkwell Paisley Boogie Shorts.

Inkwell Ride Inside Crops. The two types of mesh are Diamond Mesh (I assume on the side) and Power Mesh. (This woman has super impressive glutes and thighs)

More Ride Inside photos. The LS is made of Vitasea, as I suspected.

More Ride Inside Photos

A good photo showing a lot of detail on the new Ride Inside crops.

Ride Inside LS and Crop in Pretty Pink/Black.

Soot Ride Inside Tank.

Brushed Grooves and Pique Vs. Herringbone

A reader had a question on Pique vs. Herringbone. This is a photo of the new brushed luon grooves (the inside is roughed up a little so it feels a little thicker/warmer). The waistband shows the pique on the top and the herringbone is on the bottom. I have both the pique and herringbone Skinny Will pants. I find them both cozily warm. I might give the nod to the herringbone for being a tiny bit warmer/windproof. Both are super soft. I find the pique stretchier and probably a little less robust since my pique wills have some pilling in the crotch area and my herringbone do not.

Ride Inside Capsule Photos and More

You can definitely see the different materials used in the Ride Inside crops in this photo. Shown with the Ride Inside Tank. Now my guess for fabric composition is luxtreme butt and front of leg, power/circle/tech mesh back of thigh and a different type of mesh for the stripe down the side of the leg.

Another photo of the Ride Inside Crops. These are in Soot.

The product notice photo for the Ride Inside Crops.

The Ride Inside Tank and Crop. So far, the tank is majorly underwhelming me. So disappointing compared to the Right Round from last year. The colors are blah again, similar to the cycling capsule from two years ago.

The Ride Inside LS, Tank, and Crop.

Pretty Pink Ebb to Street Tank and Full On Luon Pant. There are also brushed luon Wunder Under pants coming, according to my product notice.

It looks like the Pique (and Herringbone?) Forme jackets are hitting the stores this week.

NEW Groove Pant Waistband in Herringbone and Pique

New Groove Pant in with Herringbone and Pique waistband. When are those new Forme jackets coming in these materials?

NEW! Ride Inside Capsule

First photos of the new Ride Inside Tank. This will require a try on for me. I can't decide whether I like it or not. I do love lots of mesh in my tanks for my cardio and run workouts.

Ride Inside Crop and LS

En Route Jacket and Ride Inside Crop - check out the mesh on the back of the crops

En Route Jacket and Ride Inside Crop - note the use of the mesh
Interesting difference in the color in the front and the back of the crop - two different fabrics.

Rise Inside LS and Crop

Ride Inside LS and Crop

Ride Inside LS, Crop, and Tank

Photos of the new Ride Inside Crop and Ride Inside LS. I don't know what material the LS is but if we go by last year's cycling capsule then it is most likely a Vitasea/Luxtreme combo. I would love it to be running luon (rulu). I really love the Pretty Pink/Black combo, pale pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations. The crops are interesting, they have the see through mesh panel down the side of the leg but the lower half of the back of the leg looks like the typical, more opaque mesh used in running crops. Also, note in the fourth photo down the light is reflected differently between the material on the front of the leg and the back so I am thinking the back of the crop may be luon and the front is luxtreme. Unless, it's just the mesh but it seems to go higher up the inside of her leg than the back view photos indicate. I need more photos to tell for sure.