Monday, October 21, 2013


Live Simply Black/Heathered Black

En Route Jacket

Green Bean CRB

Karmady SS
The upload finally happened, albeit later than usual. I was hoping for the Pique Forme Jacket and/or Surge Swiftlys so nothing for me. Did you get anything?

More of the Latest

Inkwell Live Simply, Green Bean Cool Racerback, and Inkwell Paisley Wunder Under Crops.

Shown with the Inkwell/Green Bean Slalom Cool Racerback and Inkwell Groove Pants

Could these wraps be any more unflattering?
More It Takes Two Wrap Photos.

Raindrop Jacket and Green Bean Wee Are From Space Can't Stop Crops.

Live Simply and Hyperstripe Avenue Pullover

I had read people weren't that impressed by the new Live Simply but it looks nice in these photos.

Avenue Pullover in top middle. Live Simply in bottom middle.

The new Green Bean/Inkwell hyperstripe Avenue Pullover we heard was coming.

It Takes Two Wrap.

Live Simply, It Take Two Wrap, and the Gratitude Wrap is Coming Back

Some Live Simply photos. I am kind of digging the two-tone gray/black one.

It Takes Two Wrap Photos. I swear it looks like it's on backwards and/or upside down in some of these photos.

 Green Bean 105F and Can't Stop Pants

 Dog Runner Pant

Harmonious Hoodie and Sweatpant.

An announcement was made on the Hey Lululemon website that the Gratitude Wrap are coming back.

The Green Bean Cool Racerback is Here!

Just hitting the stores (and rumored to be in the upload tonight) - the Green Bean Cool Racerback and a Green Bean/Inkwell hyperstripe Vinyasa.

Another It Takes Two Wrap photo.

Dog Runner Pants in Black Swan and Black.

 Avenue Pullover - supposedly coming in a color other than gray or black.

Some Shine Tights photos. These look very batgirl-like.