Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Raindrop Jacket, Second Chance Pants, and More

More Second Chance Pant photos, in black and white versions.

I didn't like the Green Bean Swiftlys much in the upload but I am kind of digging the LS one in the photos.

 Green Bean In the Flow Crops and Inkwell/Scoop Neck Tank.

 Pretty Pink Swiftly tank and matching Black/Pretty Pink Groovy Run shorts.

 Raindrop Jacket and Inkwell Groovy Run Tights.

Harmonious Hoodie and Shine Tight.

 Avenue Pullover

Polar Parka

NEW! Live Simply Jacket II Coming Soon and a New Wrap - It Makes Two

Coming in Heathered Inkwell and Heathered Black to stores later this week. I know lots of people will be glad to see these again. I wonder what they changed to make it a "II" version.

Also, the Dog Runner pants will be coming back.

New wrap in Heathered Angel Wing, Heathered Black, and Heathered Light Gray. I don't have any info about fabric content.

Shine Tights and More

The Sine Tights. Not sure how I feel about these. It comes across wetsuit looking in the photos but it's probably the lighting. I think they could probably be fun, in an 80s workout video way.

I am really liking the seaming on the back of the  Second Chance Pant.

Inkwell Paisley Wunder Under crops

The lining in the hood makes me wonder whether the whole Harmonious Hoodie Jacket is lined.

Avenue Pullover with the Shine Tight.

Green Bean In the Flow crops and Harmonious Hoodie jacket.

The Black Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops

NEW! Second Chance Skirt, Avenue Pullover, Harmonious Hoodie, and More

Shown with the Harmonious Sweatpants

Avenue Pullover and Second Chance Pants.

Harmonious Hoodie.  I think those are the Shine Tights in the bottom photo.

New Second Chance Skirt

Second Chance Pants

Shown with the Inkwell Paisley Wunder Unders
The latest No Limit Tank in Pretty Pink and Green Bean. 

Inkwell Paisley Wunder Under Crops

Polar Parka