Monday, October 14, 2013


Harmonious Hoodie. I liked it until I saw it was made of wool. It will be too warm for my climate.

The new Raindrop Jacket is very pretty.

Really loving the WAFS October Inkwell Speed Tights. It never gets cold enough for me to need full length run tights so I'm hoping this print is coming in Inspires or Run For Your Life crops or something with a back zipper pocket.

For some reason I thought these were uploaded last week. I tried them on in the store and thought they were TTS. The pattern also camouflages really well. I thought the crops were very comfy but they don't have a back zipper pocket which is kind of a deal breaker for me in run bottoms. I like to have a place to zip my phone into. I hope the Soot WAFS is coming in Inspires.

New cute Groovy Run shorts. I am tempted by the Inkwell ones.

So, a cranberry camo has shown up on the men's side. I hope this wasn't the camo the rumor I heard about was referring to.

Heathered Deepest Cranberry Zip Metal Tech Vent. Cranberry is supposed to visit the women's side, I think in January.

I am a little tempted by the Avenue Pullover in heathered black but am holding off for now.

Nothing for me tonight. Did you order anything?

New Green Bean Swiftlys, Run Short Colors, and More

Avenue Pullover and Second Chance Pant.

New Green Bean Swiftlys and Speed or Groovy Run shorts. (I can't tell from the front.)

Karmady LS and Avenue Pant

NEW! Polar Parka, New Hoodie Style, and More

New Polar Parka Jacket. (Thanks to Ms. W. for the tag photo.)

A new hoodie style. I don't have a name or other info on this but it looks promising.

More Avenue Pullover photos. I like the black one.

These weren't labeled but I think they are the Shine tights since they have a sheen to them.

The Second Chance Pant

Speed Tight Photos

Some new Paisley Speed Tight photos.

The Soot WAFs Run for Fun Crops.