Monday, October 7, 2013


Yet another new Ziggy color combo - Ziggy Wee October Inkwell. I like this one so I'm hoping there is a CRB coming in it.

Two new Paisley print Scubas in Pretty Pink and Inkwell. I think I like the Pretty Pink one better.

New Wee Space Green Bean Can't Stop Crops. There's a lot going on with these crops.

I know people have anxiously been awaiting the Wee Space Plum Inspires to hit the stores. These don't excite me that much on the website so I will pass. Though, I'll probably see them modeled with some hot pink top and then want them. I will have to keep my eye out for them to hit the stores.

Plum Keep It Cozy Pullover. I will wait for the jacket but some people have said they don't care for the feel of the fabric and others really love it. The short length is kind of a bummer.

New French Terry Don't Hurry Be Happy-type pullover hinted at in the ear warmer photo.

It also looks like the Uba hoodie may be making a comeback.

I ended up ordering the Hyper Stripe Angel Wing Bangbuster.

Did you order anything tonight?

Karmady LS, Soot Wee Space Run For Fun Crops, and More

Karmady LS

Run For Fun Wee Space Soot Crops.

Keep It Cozy Crew in Split Pea

Inkwell/Green Bean Full Tilt LS and Can't Stop Pant

Falling Freely Toque, Hand warmers, and Neck Warmer.

More Keep It Cozy Crew Photos

Keep It Cozy Crew in Angel Wing, Black (or is it Inkwell?), Split Pea, and Plum.

Falling Freely leg warmers and Toque.

Plum Keep It Cozy Jacket and More

Keep It Cozy Jacket Plum. Damn it! I am in trouble now.

Brushed Luxtreme Can't Stop Pants Speed Tights

Back of the Keep It Cozy pullover

Inkwell Green Bean First Base Tank

Inkwell/Green Bean Full Tilt Pullover

NEW! Keep It Cozy Jacket

Ooh! There is also a new Keep It Cozy Jacket. Also shown are the Falling Freely leg warmers, neck warmer, toque and ear warmers.

NEW! Keep It Cozy Fleece Top, Inkwell and Black Striped Full Tilts and More

New Keep It Cozy Crew polartec fleece top in Angel Wing and Plum. I'm reading this is super soft (dang it!). Thanks to Ms. J. for the photos.

Thanks to Ms. M. for this photo.

New Full Tilt Pullovers in Inkwell and Black Slalom Stripes.

New Falling Freely wool accessories - neck warmer and headwrap.

Also out is a Can't Stop brushed luxtreme pant.