Friday, October 4, 2013

Today's Lulu Haul

I hardly ever buy more than two things at a time so today was unusual enough it deserves a post. I went to the store to check out what swiftlys might go with the Wee September Black Inspires and to hopefully exchange them since the pair I ordered came with a slub on one leg. I also wanted to check out what the crops looked like in a three way mirror and I really liked them - they were not sheer - so they are keepers for sure. I ended up getting the Blue Moon Short Sleeve Swiftly but the Split Pea looked really nice, too, with the Inspires. The Blue Moon will also go with my Deep Indigo and Limitless Blue Wee Space Run Crops I bought last year. I also tried on the Angel Wing, which looked nice, but white and off white Swiftlys don't excite me that much. I also ended up getting the Soot Ziggy Wunder Under crops. I had read reports that these were opaque and they are. (The opaque ones are the Raspberry Glo and Soot. I haven't tried the plum yet but the black and inkwell are a bit sheer.) I also got a couple of markdown Ta Ta Tamers. They are kind of fug but they were half price. My other TTTs are getting a bit wrinkly in the cups due to some weight loss so these markdown bras happened along at the right time.

September Black Inspires with Blue Moon SS, Pink Shell LS, and the Heathered Soot LS Swiftly.

The Black Wee Space Inspires with Pop Orange, Sea Wheeze 2012 Dark Plum Stripe, Pow Pink, Spry, and Paris Pink Swiftly tanks. I guess I had more Swiftlys than I thought that will look nice with them. However, all my other short sleeves Swiftlys are kind of big now so I "needed" the Blue Moon I bought today. ;-)

This is not me. lol.
I also tried on the new Dyhana Tee and really like the fit and feel. It was super soft and the fit is very flattering (I think a loose TTS). However, the reviews on the website mention some quality issues.

I tried on the Run For Fun crops in the embossed Paisely print. Some people have written they are on the sheer side and I'd have to agree. They are not bad standing upright but if you bend too much they go a bit sheer. That is a bummer because I really like the fit of them. I thought they felt super comfortable.

Dhyana Tees and More

New Vitasea Dhyana tees.

Angel Wing 105F Singlet, Angel Wing Hyperstripe Energy bra, and matching Can't Stop Crops.