Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plum En Route Crop

Plum En Route Crop.

Inkwell Ebb to Street Pant

I got my Wee Space September Black Inspires in the mail. I like them but I am a little at a loss as to what color to pair with them. They seem more grayish than black. To the right of them is a Wee Space Black Ta Ta Tamer, which you can see is more black looking. In the second photo I put a pair of black luon bottoms to show you how black looks paired against them. I mean, it goes with, but it doesn't really pop the wee space print. The black in the waistband even looks a bit lighter than the black trim on the Ta Ta Tamer. My pair also came with a little slub on one leg which I am a bit annoyed at. I might go try them on in the store and try some various other colored swiftlys with it and play a bit. I put them on for my husband and he said they weren't sheer. I am 95% sure I will keep them after I figure out what to wear with them.

The Latest

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Pacesetter (and Speeds in the bottom photo).

The Black Wee Space Inspire Crops. Shown with the Blue Moon LS Swiftly.

Split Pea Swiftly LS and Cornflower Blue Inspire Crops.

Plum Run For Fun Crop and Star Runner Pullover.

Some great photos of the Inkwell Paisley En Route crops.

Paisley Swiftly Short Sleeve

Paisley Angel Wing Swiftly

Cornflower No Limit tank.

Ebb to Street Pant

Dhyanna Short Sleeve tee and Soot Ziggy Wunder Under Pants.

Houndstooth is Coming and More

From Australia, Cornflower Houndstooth Pacesetter. I had heard houndstooth was coming.

Cornflower Wunder Under pants.

Plum Wee Space Inspires have been spotted in stores. (Thanks to Ms. H. for the photo.)