Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Latest and Some Try On Reports

New Ziggy Plum Forme Jacket.

I tried on the Ebb to Street Pants today in the black and Inkwell in both my TTS and the next size down. I didn't love them. The material was thick and opaque but the texture felt odd on my legs and the material created odd shadows in the crotch area and where my legs joined my trunk. That could be a function of odd lighting in the dressing room because I thought they looked better in brighter light outside of the change rooms but I don't recall regular luon pants doing that to me. I also found them kind of short. I am 5'5" but my inseam is about a 31" so most lulu pants are a bit long on me. These stopped right about my ankle. I also did not care for the ribbed cuff at the bottom, I thought it made the pants seem like long johns. The pants are opaque at my TTS but I did like how compressive they felt in the next size down. However, I could then see my underwear in a deep squat. On a last note, I know my Ebb to Street tanks stretch with body heat and wear so I am suspicious these pants might do the same and bag out in the knees so all those reasons led to me leaving these in the store and going home with the Herringbone Skinny Will pants instead (I kept trying them on over several visits and finally caved). I would say the fit is TTS but will feel like a pair of regular luon pants in TTS and if you want to feel compression you should go a size down.

I also tried on the Paisley Inkwell En Route pants and was bummed to find the material had a high polyester content and felt scratchy and hot. It also had a bit of a sheen to it. The pants themselves have a lot going on with a side pocket, a two piece waistband, almost like the Astro Pants, and a big cuffed hem but I really liked the print. The content is 88% polyester and 12% lycra. I would love to see a much simpler style come in the Paisley print, Wunder Unders but not in the same material. This style pant also comes in solid Plum with Plum wee space accent at the waist (I think - I just took a quick look). I thought the fit was a snug TTS.

The stores are starting to get the Ziggy Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback. My store did not have this one yet but it did have the new black. I was very tempted to get that one, too, since I am loving the silky feel of the Ziggy fabric this year but I think three Ziggy CRBs is too many. I did end returning the Soot Ziggy CRB just because I felt the color was a little dull on me. I still loved the feel of the fabric, though.

The new Green Bean Scuba. The Cornflower Blue is shown in the top photo.

Ziggy Wee Soot/Angle Wing Wunder Under crops and Cornflower Blue Full Tilt LS. I tried these crops on last week and found them on the sheer side. They're probably ok if you don't bend too deeply in them.

Inkwell/Green Bean Nice Asana Jacket. There is also a Forme Jacket in this pattern.

Plum Avenue Pants.

Inkwell Paisley No Limit tank.