Monday, September 23, 2013


Angel Wing Slalom Stripe Star Runner Pullover uploaded to the Canadian side. 

The upload came back to it's original time slot. This upload was filled with tempting goodies for me. I ended up ordered the Ziggy Wee Angel Wing/Soot and August Glo Cool Racerbacks but I was also tempted by the Black Hyperstripe one.  I also want the Black Wee Space Groovy Run shorts but I will visit those in the store and see how I like them in person.  Star Runner Pullovers are back this year. I am not a major fan of pullovers with pockets on the tummy so I am hoping, since this winter is supposed to be about old favorites making a comeback, that means the Full Tilt Pullover might make a reappearance.

What did you order?

Run for Fun Crops and More

She's Swift Jacket and Embossed Paisley Run For Fun Crop.

The new Speed short colors. Model is wearing the Cornflower Ebb to Street tank with the Green Bean Inkwell Paisley Speed Shorts.

She's Swift Jacket and Can't Stop Crop in two different color combinations.

 Cornflower Full Tilt LS.

Herringbone Wunder Under Pant and She's Swift Jacket.

NEW She's Swift Jacket, Run for Fun Crops, Can't Stop Crops

 A couple more photos of the She's Swift Jacket. Shown with new Run for Fun crops.

 New She's Swift Jacket and Can't Stop luxtreme crops.

 Ziggy Wee Angel Wing Soot Forme Jacket.

The new Speed Shorts.

NEW She's Swift Jacket

New She's Swift Jacket. It reminds me a lot of the Hustle Jacket. I am not a fan of the poofy rear but I know the Hustle is well-loved and sought after.

The New Paisley Speed Shorts On

Hmm, these look like men's boxers. The lighting isn't the best in this photo but I am not a fan at this point.

Geo Paisley Tonal Green Bean Speed Shorts

Another photo of the new Speed Shorts. The paisley is called Geo Paisley Tonal Green Bean.