Friday, September 20, 2013

Funky New Pace Breaker Short Prints

New Men's Pace Breaker shorts. The pair on the left are geo paisley tonal black and the ones on the right are hyper stripe printed deepest cranberry/soot.

New Speed Shorts in Green Paisley Print

New Speed short colors in Green Paisley Print and Cornflower with some paisley in the waistband.

Also, the Angel Wing Slalom Stripe Cool Racerback has been spotted in regular lululemon stores so keep your eyes peeled. These will sell fast. (Thanks to Ms. W. for the photo.)

Ziggy October Angel Wing Cool Racerback and A Couple of Try On Reports

Another new Cool Racerback color spotted in partner stores - New Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing/Soot Light. (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.)

Ziggy Wee September Plum Wunder Under Pants, Ziggy Wee October Angel Wing Soot Light Wunder Under Crops, Ziggy Wee August Inkwell Wunder Under Pants.

I don't particularly love the Shake and Break shorts on me but they look great on this woman. Shown with the Rest Less Tank.

More Bend and Flow Tank photos. I saw and tried this on yesterday. Some of the colors use that new Power Luxtreme Mesh (Black, Plum, Cornflower) and some use regular circle mesh (the Soot). The tank is definitely not made for bustier women - I was spilling out of the top. Other than that I kind of liked it.

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Modern Racer.

I also tried on the Trouser Pant yesterday. These fit a size big. Even a size down, the crotch was still kind of low.   Other than a low crotch, I thought these were kind of cute on. I couldn't figure out what I would wear them for other than casually so they stayed at the store.

More Inkwell No Limit Tank

 Another photo of the Inkwell No Limit Tank. Shown with Groove pants.

The Cornflower Blue Full Tilt LS.

Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank

A better photo of the new Paisley Inkwell No Limit Tank. Also shown is the Cornflower 105F Singlet. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)