Monday, September 16, 2013


Cornflower Full Tilt

Pretty Pink CYB Tank

Savasana Softshell

Plum Wee Space Speed Tight

Ziggy Wee Angel Wing October Forme

Ziggy Wee September Black Forme

Ziggy Wee September Plum Wunder Unders
Phew! Nothing for me tonight - my bank account can use a rest.

Did you order anything?

Plum Space Dye Energy Tank

New colors in the Energy tank - Plum Space Dye, Split Pea, and Angel Wing Hyperstripe.

More Urbanite items.

More of the Latest and a Rumor

Ebb to Street bra in Plum and Cornflower.

 The Plum Ebb to Street Tank.

Trouser Pant, Modern Racer tank in Angel Wing Hyperstripe, and Forme Jacket

 Urbanite Blazer, Shirt, and Pant.

Urbanite Blazer and Ziggy Wunder Under Pants.

Also, I read a rumor that camo is coming back. Also, Pigment Blue.

Bend and Flow Tank

Another Bend and Flow color. I love these 3/4 mesh tanks but no way this one gives me enough support.

More From the Urbanite Line

 Urbanite Henley and Pant. The pants seem decent from the few photos I've seen. I don't care for the solid Plum as much as the Angel Wing striped one.

Urbanite Blazer.

The Urbanite Shirt. It's made of Swift.

Urbanite Pant.

Urbanite Henley and More

More Bend and Flow Tank photos. It's not doing much for me.

New Angel Wing Slalom Stripe Scuba.

 Angel Wing Hyperstripe Heart Opener Tank.

Angel Wing Ebb to Street Tank. You can totally see the triangle-shaped bra cup inserts.

Urbanite Blazer.

I am almost liking the Urbanite Henley in these photos, in spite of the odd hemline.

NEW! Bend and Flow Tank and Trouser Pant

New Bend and Flow Tank with a mesh back. Shown in Cornflower Blue.

The Urbanite Henley and Trouser Pant.

Plum Trouser Pant

Men's Mission Pant in Deepest Cranberry.