Friday, September 13, 2013

Angel Wing Power Y, Vinyasas, Ebb to Street Bra, and More

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Power and Blue Moon Nice Asana Jacket.

The new Vinyasa scarves, leg and ear warmers.

The new Ebb to Street bra and Ziggy Wee Wunder Unders bottoms.

More Ebb to Street Bra photos.

New Wee Space Free to Be bras, Energy bras, Flow Ys, and Ebb to Street bras.

Blue Moon Hyperstripe Scoop Neck tank.

More CYB Tank photos

My Lululemon Warehouse Sale Haul (Updated)

Lulu Warehouse sale is really an Urban Radish haul, lol.
I am posting this totally tongue in cheek. I was planning to go to the warehouse sale until the Convention Center parking attendant told me the wait was FIVE HOURS long. Five hours for a bunch of lulu at meh prices (as someone pointed out on the warehouse FB page, the stores have better deals) I already passed on once didn't make sense so I ended up bailing and having coffee (hipster central!) with a friend who lives in downtown.  I didn't get to the Convention Center until 10 am but am reading comments from the Warehouse Sale FB page where people who were in line at 8:30 am didn't get into the shopping area until 1:30 pm. The Warehouse Twitter page totally miscalculated or misrepresented the wait times at three hours all this morning. I know people who got in line early at 5 or 6 am (heard first person in line arrived at 2:30 am - hope he came armed and wore body armor) and were in the doors right away shortly before 8 am felt they got some good deals but I was looking for LS Swiftlys (none), Ta Ta Tamers (none), Energy bras (none), and Runbeam LS (none) so it was good I decided not to go. Sale Speed Shorts and CRBs were very rare. I heard there were some Coco pique Daily Jackets, Bundle Up Jackets, lots of colored crops, tons of Devotion LS and SS, only pink or Faded Zap Scubas, some leftover Sea Wheeze 2012 items.

Did you go? What did you get? Would you do it again?

1st day sale prices

Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.

The Define is a nice score.

Report from the Warehouse FB page

Just bags discounted today.
The black Grooves were a score.
Some photos of bottoms from today's warehouse sale. I hope you all didn't buy this stuff. Those Bleached Coral pants were see through as were most all that I can see on the rack. I am reading people got Alberta Lake DSPs but those were marked down pretty low at my store's sale rack. I was reading the line was 4-5 hours long again this morning, however if you go in line around 6 am you got in right away.