Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NEW! Suns Out Guns Out Vest, New Black Speed Shorts, and More

The new Angel Wing Full Tilt LS is modeled with a new vest called the Sun's Out Guns Out Vest. Also shown are new Black Striped Speed Shorts.

Inkwell Shake and Break Shorts with a Stuff Your Bra Tank.

The Plum/Raspberry Glo No Limit Tank and Black Ziggy Wee Will Pants.

The Black Ruffled Up Cool Racerback with a Fast Cat skirt.

Another view of the Angel Wing Pow Stripe Scuba. Such a pretty Scuba but I could never keep it clean.

City Softshell, Can't Stop Jacket, Speed Tights, and More

The new City Softshell Jacket.

More photos of the Can't Stop Jacket. 

Speed Tight photos. People are saying these are nice - compressive and opaque.

Angel Wing Hyperstripe and Plum Speed Shorts plus Split Pea Groovy Run Shorts.

New Paisley Inkwell Scuba. Looks similar to the Albert Lake Herringbone from last year. Dying to see this one in real life.

New Ziggy Wee Nice Asana Jacket.

Ziggy Wee and Herringbone Bottoms, New No Limit Tanks, Ruffled Up Forme Jacket, and More

Also shown are Ruffle Up Wunder Unders.

The new Herringbone and Ziggy Black Will Pant. Also, shown are the Ziggy Wee August Glo Wunder Unders.

Herringbone Wunder Unders and Black Fluffin Awesome Jacket.

The Angel Wing Ruffled Up Cool Racerback. Shown with the Ziggy Wee September Black Will Pant.

The latest No Limit Tanks in Blue Moon/Ziggy Wee August Inkwell, Split Pea/Pow Stripe Split Pea Plum Inkwell, Plum/Raspberry Glo, Plum/Plum Hyperstripe.

The new Angel Wing/Pow Stripe Printed Angel Wing.

 The new Black Ruffled Up/Hyperstripe Angel Wing Forme Jacket. 

The Plum Ruffled Up Wunder Under Pants.