Friday, August 30, 2013

NEW! Speed Tights, Karma LS, and More

New Plum Speed Tights made of power luxtreme.

The black shirt was identified as a Karma LS but I don't have any other info on it yet.

Some hyper stripe and fat stripe pairing with the Plum Pace Setter skirt. 

I got the solid Plum No Limit Tank today. The edging is in the Plum/Inkwell hyperstripe pattern but it's horizontal so it looks more like inkwell edging. If you like Plum and NLTs you really need to check this one out.

Plum Skinny Will pants

Pique, Plum, and Ziggy print Skinny Will pants
Pique Skinny Wills and Blue Moon Scoop Neck

Check out the Plum Wee Space Scuba hood

The new Swiftly LS and half zips. I tried on the Plum Swiftly LS today, it's very soft and thick - super nice.