Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eye Candy and...Oh Yeah, Some Lululemon Stuff

Darn, I forgot to post this earlier. This came up on my feed and I knew I had to share with you ladies. This is an Ambassador from the Rancho Cucamonga store. I have got to hand it to SoCal stores, they can really pick the male Ambassadors (and really know how to photograph them. I love the setting of this.)  ;-)

Some more Scoop Neck photos.

The Plum Hi Low Wunder Under Pants.

More Journey Crop photos.

The latest Power Y tanks.

I am so excited to get the Midnight Iris duffel I ordered. I was able to check the bag out in the store last night and it looks really nice. It comes tomorrow. I can't wait to retire my Retro Groove bag:

My beat up Retro Groove Gym Bag

New Weave Scuba, Swiftly Half Zips, and More

New Plum Weave Scuba. I can't tell whether the sleeves are black or inkwell. I need to resist this. I live in SoCal and have eight Scubas and don't need anymore.

Also shown is the LS Swiftly in Plum

Shown with the Track to Reality Pant
Shown with the Astro Short
The new Swiftly LS Half Zip in Plum, Black, Blue Moon, and Raspberry Glo.

The very striking Inkwell/Plum/Blue Moon Striped Forme II Jacket.

The Latest and Some Try On Reports

From Australia, the new Lab-inspired Trouse Pant. They are made of luon. Also shown is a new men's Five Year  Tee and Kahuna shorts.

More of the latest men's gear. I really like that Plum and Inkwell Five Year Tee.

Angel Wing Hyperstripe Forme Jacket. This photos better than it looks in person. I thought it was kind of dingy looking at the store. I tried on the Forme II jacket last night. I didn't have a ton of time to play with it but it does fit better than the previous version. However, it was large in the upper chest, from shoulder to armpit on  me. I didn't try sizing down, though. I tried on the Midnight Iris one and the material in that one still felt really thin to me.

The new Scoop Necks. I tried on the Midnight Iris one last night. The material felt thinner than full weight luon but I still liked the tank. My store didn't have the Inkwell Striped one, which I think I might order.

I tried on the Plum Cool Racerback, too. What a disappointment compared to the last batch of Cool Racerbacks. The material felt really thin. I'll have to think about keeping mine when it gets here. I think I prefer plum in long sleeve tops anyway.

I really liked the Journey crops. I thought they fit TTS and fit like Wunder Unders.

I thought the nice Asana fit TTS. The arms were super long and it's a long jacket. The material in the plum version felt nice and thick. The bottom hem and cuffs are ribbed so stretchy on the hips. I'm always a little leery of the ribbed material since I feel it gets pulls easily.