Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Energy Bra Colors, 105F Singlets, and Give Me Qi Pants

Pretty new Inkwell/Plum/Split Pea/Blue Moon striped Energy bra. Also shown are the Give Me Qi Pants in Inkwell and heathered Plum striped Swiftly SS. There is also a solid Plum Energy bra out in the stores.

The new 105F Singlets in Plum and Raspberry Glo. I love the Plum with the Midnight Iris Wunder Under Pants.

Plum Dance Studio Jacket and Midnight Iris Print Wunder Under Crops. First time I've seen the crops pop up in the photos.

New Plum In the Flow II crops. I thought these had great coverage and thickness. I love Plum combined with Blue Moon.

The new Give Me Qi Pants.

Coastal Tank and More

New Coastal Tank. A reader says it's made of the swim material and is a singlet. I'm hoping there is a dark color since this looks see-through. Update - It comes in Inkwell.

Some photos of the new striped Flow Y. Shown in the second photo are Plum In the Flow crops and a 105F Singlet.

I also heard a rumor a nice darker green is coming but different than Alberta Lake.