Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sea Wheeze Volunteer Tee Shirt

Sorry for my blurry photos. These are the shirts the Sea Wheeze volunteers got this year. They are Every Yogi Tees (!!! My favorite - why can't these make a comeback to the product line?)  Thanks to Ms. M. for letting me photo her shirt.

Spotted in Stores - Midnight Iris Back to Class Backpack and Raspberry Glo Energy Tank

Midnight Iris Back to Class Backpack.

I'm not sure if these have popped up on the web yet but I saw a very pretty Midnight Iris Print Back to Class Backpack in the Vancouver Robson store. I really hope a duffel-type gym bag shows up in the print. It's been a long while since lululemon came out with a print gym bag and I've missed them.

I also saw this new Raspberry Glo/Plum Hyperstripe Energy Tank in the store. The back mesh panel is plum.