Friday, August 9, 2013

Quick Sea Wheeze Report

I've been having some wifi issues (crappy hotel wifi) with all my electronics so I apologize for not posting any photos of my Sea Wheeze weekend just yet. I've been having a great time meeting people in person whom I've only "met" over the web and reconnecting with people I met last year. The Sea Wheeze store was not nearly as chaotic as last year and I got there early enough to be among the first group to be let into the store to shop. The style selection is different from last year (they had Scubas this year, for example) but I think I found more items that I liked this year to buy for myself.  Lululemon also put the mermaid logo on every item, even the swiftly tops so that was a nice update from last year. They offered their version of a "race" shirt - an ivory Cool Racerback tank with a big salmon colored mermaid on the front, with "Van Sweaty" on the back and on the inside hem it reads "Yoga. Run. Party. Sea Wheeze 2013" so an improvement over last year. I will put photos up as soon as I can.

Based on who was shopping this morning I'd say this year's race seems to have far fewer employee runners (last year was 40%).  My initial impressions are the crowd skews a bit older than last year - more like the typical half marathon dominated by 30-something and 40-something women - and there seems to be a larger number of men running this year. The line to check out moved very quickly for how long it was and the store was much less crowded than last year due to people being let into the store in batches. I think keeping the item count to 15 at a time may have cut down on the number of non-runners shopping since the line for the general public to get in the store was never very big and lululemon did a good job of letting the runners shop first and only let small numbers of non-runners in at any time. There was a lot of product but as usual the popular sizes and items sold out fairly fast - especially the Cool Racerback tanks.

I can't wait to see what the medal looks like. Lululemon tweeted a hint that we'll be getting earbuds at the finish and I saw a Skull Candy truck parked outside the convention center so I'd say it's a good bet that is what we are getting.

I need to get to sleep for the race tomorrow and I hope to put up some photos as soon as I can.