Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Latest and Some Quick Fit Reviews

Inkwell Inspires and Blue Moon Energy Tank

The Midnight Iris print Cool Racerback and Raspberry Glo Speed Shorts. I got this tank today. It's made in Canada.  It's a high poly fabric but I thought it felt pretty silky. The print did not go white as it stretched. The print varies a bit from tank to tank so you might want to grab a few to compare. If you like black prints or the trendy dark florals you'll like this one.

I also tried on both Hyper Stripe Cool Racerbacks and the Blue Moon one. I was very tempted by the Raspberry Glo version. They are all on the thicker side and feel very nice. I thought Blue Moon looked a bit brighter in the luxtreme fabric of the Energy Tank rather than the light luon of the CRB.

I also tried on the new Atma tank and really liked it. It's made of luon light. As others have said it's super long. I think the fit is on the generous side. I also tried on the Bliss Break Sweatpant and liked them. They are super casual looking, though. I thought the fit was TTS.

Bliss Break hoodie photos. My store had these but I didn't try it on.

Midnight Iris Scuba

Plum Inspire Crops

Universal Wrap, Tuck and Flow LS, Sheeriously Tee

Black Swan Universal Wrap and Midnight Iris Wunder Unders.

More Universal Wrap photos

The Tuck and Flow LS.

Sheeriously Tee

One More Sea Wheeze Outfit

From the Sea Wheeze media stream - a Mod Moves tank and Fast Track shorts.

Two More Men's Sea Wheeze Outfits

Since the men's side is showing what looks like a rulu pullover I am hoping there will be something similar for the ladies side. I think the men's side has had more Sea Wheeze items teased than the ladies. It's ironic because the Sea Wheeze is pretty much a women's race and there was tons of leftover men's product at last year's expo store.