Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More of the Latest

The Raspberry Glo Speeds and Inkwell Hyper Stripe Cool Racerback.

 Plum Tuck and Flow LS

Atma Tank and Bliss Break Sweat pant.

More Sea Check Speed Shorts

Man, those Sea Check Speed shorts are so cute. I hope this pattern is coming in Track Attack shorts, too. Shown with the Blue Moon Stuff Your Bra II tank.

Atma Tank, Bliss Break Hoodie and Sweatpant

Reading lots of positive comments about the new Atma tank. Also shown is the new Get Sweaty headband.

Bliss Break hoodie (and sweatpant) photos. Lots of people seem to like the hoodie when they try it on but it's not doing much for me from the photos.

Bliss Break Sweatpant.

Blue Moon Energy Tank.

Sea Check Plaid Speeds, Tuck and Flow LS, Hyper Stripe Cool Racerbacks, and More

Plum Tuck and Flow LS and the plaid Sea Check Speed shorts that sold out within minutes last night. Also shown with a Stuff Your Bra II tank.

Another shot of the Plum Tuck and Flow LS.

The new Midnight Iris Print Scuba Stretch. Also shown is the hyper stripe Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback.

The new Hyper Stripe (plum and inkwell) Cool Racerbacks. Can't tell from the photos if I like them.

The Midnight Iris print Vinyasa scarf.