Saturday, August 3, 2013

NEW! Bliss Break Hoodie and Sweatpant, Atma Tank, and Stuff Your Bra Tank

New goodies - Stuff Your Bra Tank, Atma Tank (love that new print! Looks like it might be made of luxtreme), Bliss Break Hoodie, and Bliss Break sweat pant. There is also a third new tank but haven't found a photo of it yet.

Sea Wheeze Hints - Warm Up Crew

Recently uploaded - a Sea Wheeze Warm Up Crew and matching Inspire Crops.

Plum Wunder Unders and Wrap Hints Plus New Speed Shorts

Sharp-eyed readers have noticed the outfit in the Happy Hatha Hour bag photo. It looks like she is wearing a new wrap and maybe new Plum Bottoms, hopefully Wunder Unders (confirmed in the comments by an educator - thanks!) , though they could be the Astro Pants that have already been released.

 Also - spotted in stores - New Raspberry Glo/Plum Hyper Stripe Speed Shorts. These popped up on a Facebook selling board already.