Friday, July 26, 2013

Mod Dot Ta Ta Tamer and More

The new Scuba from yesterday is Split Pea and Inkwell. I love both these colors so I'm happy to see them make a curtain call.

New Mod Dot Ta Ta Topper

New Sizzle Fast Track Tank (in Australia).

The new Track and Train tanks in Spry and Mod Dot. Also shown is a Love Red Ta Ta Tamer.

Love Red Gather and Crow Crops.

The Sizzle and Spry Twin Stripe Deep V tanks.

Love Red In the Flow Crops and Free to Be Bra

New Mod Dot/Twin Stripe Groovy Run Shorts and Sizzle Featherweight Singlet.

From Australia, new Spry/Sizzle Astro Pants.

Spry Hip to Be Zen Halter

 More Blissed Out Jacket photos.

The tag to the new Full-on Luon and a comparison of regular luon (left) and full on (right). If you click on the photo you can get a bigger version. The weave looks a little tighter. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

Sizzle Three Hit Henley, Metal Vent Tech V in Aquamarine, Striped Surge Short, and Light As Air Short in Soot/Spry Blue.

 Sizzle Focus V and Light As Air Short in Sizzle/Soot.

Another Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek

Another Sea Wheeze sneak peek. We've already seen this Mod Moves tank. It looks like she has a Stuff Your Bra underneath and a pair of blue Inspires. I like the Inspires ok but nothing else. So far, still liking my plaid registration shorts the best.