Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Studio Softshell Jacket and Plum Striped Swiftly

Previewed in a French language lululemon video - a new Studio Softshell and what looks like a new striped Plum Swiftly (looks identical to the plum swiftlys at last year's Sea Wheeze) and maybe a new vest. (Thank to Eric again for the heads up). I'm going to pencil that Swiftly onto my Wish list. Not sure when North America will get these.

Another Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek - Female Pace Beaver Outfits (Updated)

More Sea Wheeze items - looks like a Mod Moves Tank (which we've already seen) and a pair of super bright Inspires. (Thanks to Eric at the lulumen blog for the heads up).

Update - this is the outfit the female Pace Beavers will be wearing. Won't be hard to spot them.

Another Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek

Another sneak peek of Sea Wheeze items was released. Looks like there is a pattern on the Swiftlys. Not too excited about the print in the top of the photo.

The Very Latest

All the latest Scubas. Check out the Sizzle / Inkwell (?) (will update if that navy isn't Inkwell) one on the right.

Love Red In the Flow Crops are Coming.

New Twin Stripe Sizzle Ta Ta Tamer and TS Love Red Hip to Be Zen Halter.

Sizzle Ta Ta Topper is coming.

The newest Deep V tanks.

The new Mod Dot Track and Train tank is super cute.

Sizzle Twin Stripe Cool Racerback.

The Blissed Out Jackets.

More of the new Scuba colors.

Fast Track SS tee.

Hip to Be Zen Halter, paired with the Amp crops.

From Australia, the Spry Stripe Voyage Pullover.