Monday, July 22, 2013


I love the new Runbeam LS colors but they don't seem to be selling well at $88 so I am going to hold out for a markdown on these.

The new Blissed Out jacket would be much cuter if it were all french terry but, of course, lulu had to screw it up and put a tencel panel in the back. Boo! I don't understand the obsession with mating french terry with other materials.

I did order myself a Spry Blue Bangbuster. However, take a look at the tops being worn in the new Bangbuster photos. It looks like the 105F Singlet is back in Plum and Blue Moon.

The new Full-on Luon Wunder Under pants were uploaded to Canada tonight. I can't wait to try them on when they hit the US.

Did you order anything tonight?

More of the Latest and a New Fabric: Full-On Luon

Blissed Out shorts photos. They are made of French Terry. I read a report they run TTS or even on the larger side.

More photos of the Blue Moon and Slate Commuter Denim Scuba Stretch hoodies.

New Deep Vs are coming in Spry Twin Stripe, Sizzle Twin Stripe, and Love Red

Hip to Be Zen halter tanks.

Spry Amped Crops

Serene SS Tee and Love Red Will Crop.

Also, lululemon has announced a new fabric, called full-on luon, on their blog today:

Full-On Luon® has all the same performance characteristics as the Luon® we know and love: it’s moisture wicking, has four-way stretch and a cotton hand feel. It also provides increased support and coverage thanks to a tight-knit construction. It feels snug against the body: think of it like a bear hug.

Based on the description I wonder if the fabric feels like the original silver luon that came out three years ago. That fabric was on the thicker side and more compressive than regular luon yet still very breathable. The Challenge Tank remains one of my favorite tanks. The first item to use full-on luon will be Wunder Under pants, arriving in Canada this week and US next week. I am curious to try this new fabric but I've never been much of a WU pant fan.

NEW! Plums and Blues Palette is Coming for Fall

So not sure if the Bordeaux Drama is back but from these photos it certainly looks like it could be. According to one store the new color is Plum. The blue color is called Blue Moon. The third scuba from the left is Commuter Denim Slate. My stores also have new Cool Racerbacks in Parfait Pink, so that color is making a curtain call.

Commuter Denim Slate Scuba Stretch hoodie. Shown with Love Red Will crops in the last photo.

I believe this new blue is called Blue Moon. Shown with new Blissed Out Shorts.

New Amped Crop colors. The bottom photo shows it with a Hip to Be Zen Halter.

 Studio Pants in Spry and Love Red.

Promenade LS and Blissed Out Shorts.