Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sizzle Mens Items and a Rumor

I was all excited to see Sizzle Pace Breaker shorts come out but my husband was not nearly as enthusiastic. To be fair he still hasn't take the tags off the Love Red ones I got him for Father's Day but still, these yellow Pace Breakers are fun! I am also liking the blue - Hampton Blue - 5 Year tee paired with it.

I am not as big a fan of the new Mini Mod Waves Printed Love Red Pace Breakers. They look picnic tablecloth-ish to me. They are paired with a Metal Tech Vent tee in Sizzle.

Example of Wunder Under Grooves

I read a rumor today that Wunder Under Groove crops are supposed to be coming back (hope this is a better rumor than Defines making a comeback). WUGs have a higher waistband than regular WUs and it's double ringed or quilted like Groove pants. I think they are tiny bit more roomy in the legs than regular Wunder Unders and many people (me included) prefer them to regular Wunder Unders.

More of the Latest

Spry Twin Stripe Power Y and Love Red Gather and Crow Crops.

Mod Dot Fast Track tank and Love Track Attack Skirt.

Featherweight Singlet and Track Attack skirt.

Swiftly tops and Track Attack skirts.

PYB pants and Love Red Free to Be Tank.

More Speedy Sunrise pics.

More Speedy Runsie Pics

More Speedy Runsie one pieces in Love and Soot.

 Love Red Wunder Under pants and Serene SS tee.

NEW! Speedy Runsie One Piece, Love Red Mod Moves Crops, and More

New Speedy Runsie one piece made of swift material. My bank account is safe from this one for sure.

Love Red Promenade LS. This is pretty.

Spry Will Crop and Twin Stripe Scoop Me Up tank.

Spry Stripe Sun Chaser Hat. I love my Sun Chaser Hats but not sure about this since I don't have much to go with Spry.

 Love Red Mod Moves Crops.

Love Red Forme Jacket and matching quilted Groove Pants.