Monday, July 8, 2013


Lots of goodies tonight. I contained myself to only ordered the Sizzle Cool Racerback since a true, non-green yellow hasn't been around in a long time. The $98 price tag of the Voyage sweat pants deterred me. I might change my mind when I see them in the store but for now I am resisting. I also might pick up the Spry Swiftly tank when I try it on but can also resist it from the web photos.

I am not a fan of run shirts with swift panels in them. The upper chest is one of my high sweat areas. I don't want swift stuck to me as I run. Blerg.

Oh yeah, FYI - I've seen a few try on photos of the denim Spry Wunder Unders and they fit more like tights than pants. They will show every ripple and dimple of your knees and other parts. I've seen them on some skinny people, too.  The term we used for the fit was "personal".

What did you all order?

Spry Twin Stripe Speed Short (Updated)

I am kind of surprised to see this Raspberry Glo/Black Mod Wave Cool Racerback show up in a photo. I had heard the Mod Waves got pulled for not having logos on them even though people like the performance and fit.

Update: A reader in the know comments:

Corporate didn't pull it. Stores took it off the floor because they thought it was a mistake and were told to put it back. It was partially relased without a logo because there isn't a great way to add a logo to the mesh and partially because so many people ask for stuff without a logo.

Great to know it's back on the floor. It's a really nice, functional tank. (As an interesting side note, the Right Round tank has a mesh back and the logo was put on the mesh portion.)

Spry Twinstripe Speed Shorts

Sizzle Speed Shorts, Fly Away Tamers, and More

New Sizzle and Love Red Speed Shorts.

New Sizzle and Love Red Fly Away Tamers. The new Love Red Bangbuster had Soot Lite on the other side.

Shown with the Heart Opener Tank.

Some more photos of the new Voyage Sweat Pants. Shown with the Twin Stripe and Love Red Cool Racerbacks.

New No Limits in Love Red and Spry Twin Stripe.

Spry Twin Stripe Free to Be Tank.

A Go Go Crops, Contempo Jackets, and Heart Opener Tank

Spry Twin Stripe Free To Be Tank and A Go Go Crops.

More A Go Go crop photos.

Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.

Shown with Voyage Sweat Pants in Sizzle
New Spry and Love Red Contempo Jackets.

Shown with Voyage Sweat Pants

Shown with Love Red Voyage Sweat Pants

The Heart Opener Tank is back.

NEW! Voyage Sweat Pant, Love Red No Limit Tank, and A Go Go Crop

New Voyage Sweat Pants in Love Red. I like them!

New Love Red Twin Stripe No Limit Tank and A Go Go Crops.

New Love Red Energy Bra and A Go Go Crops.