Sunday, June 30, 2013

NEW Cool Racerback Colors Hitting US Stores

From a Texas store - Spry Blue Twin Stripes, Solid Spry Blue (want), Black Twin Stripes Black, and solid Soot (maybe want).

Performance Report: Runbeam LS First Wearing

View of the Huntington Beach Pier along the beach path.
Since it was supposed to be hot and sunny today I did my long run (7 miles) at the beach today hoping to avoid the heat and maybe the sun. I shadowed my husband's run group which runs in Huntington Beach on Sundays. I got a nice sunburn from a training run I did at 2 pm last week so I wore my new Power Purple Runbeam LS and Take Flight Bike shorts. I also wore my new favorite run hat, the Aquamarine Sun Chaser. The starting temp for the run was about 70 degrees (according to my car) and by the time I was done it was  80. The humidity was at like a million percent (ok, 77%) and the sun was out. There was a slight wind. It was a stinking hot and sweaty run. I was pretty happy overall with the performance, fit, and feel of the Runbeam LS. The LS Runbeam seems to run a bit narrower and slightly longer than the SS so I didn't get quite the airflow up my belly I get with my White/Aquamarine SS Runbeam:

Power Purple Runbeam LS on top of the White/Aquamarine SS Runbeam
The wind was at my back for the first half of my run so I didn't get the benefit of evaporative cooling on the way out but when I turned around the shirt was decently cool. You can especially feel the breeze through the mesh panels on the  inside of the arm and armpit area.  As the sun got more intense I also appreciated the sun hitting the shirt instead of my skin. However, when I didn't feel a breeze I was pretty hot but my husband said it was a hot day for a run so I don't know how much cooler I would have felt if I had worn my typical Swiftly tank. All in all, I really liked the shirt and I think I am going to get the White/Cool Breeze one, too.

I like the Power Purple a lot but it does show sweat. The good thing is if you sweat a lot the entire shirt just darkens.  ;-)