Saturday, June 29, 2013

Try On Reviews: Track and Train Tank, Fast Track Tank, and Athletic Deep V Tank

I had an experience at the lululemon store today that I haven't had in what seems like years - wanting to buy three different tank styles. I really liked the Train and Train, Fast Track, and new Athletic Deep V tanks.

The Fast Track Tank was probably my favorite of the three but only by a hair. I think the Nimbus striped one is the standout of the color offerings but I did like the Cool Breeze/Power Purple one a lot, too. The black side panels on the Nimbus one are very visually slimming. The Fast Track is a good tank for bustier women - roomy and the neckline isn't too low but not chokingly high. The racerback is very comfortable and decently supportive. I agree with the support rating of medium for this. I thought the fit was a figure hugging true to size. It's a flattering tank and I don't think I've run across a photo yet where it didn't look nice. All in all, it's a great choice for your workouts. I seriously thought about getting this but my workouts have shifted more towards running and I have a closet full of tanks to wear to the gym. However, I am not ruling out adding this to my collection.

Track and Train Tank

Top Speed Tank
I also liked the Track and Train tank a lot. I still don't understand why this tank isn't called the Top Speed II tank. Other than being a little more fitted through the midsection I can't see how it differs much from last summer's Top Speed tank. Once again, I think the standout in the collection is the Nimbus Striped one. This tank fits a bit looser through the belly than the Fast Track tank. I think it's another good choice for bustier women though this tank is lower cut and you will show cleavage when you bend over. The straps have elastic inside so are decently supportive and I really like the open back. I have a Top Speed Tank from last year in Black Swan so didn't feel compelled to get this but if the right color or print comes out I would get another one.

I was super curious to try on the new Athletic Deep V and I really liked it. The fit seems similar to the old style. The biggest changes are the midsection is now made of luon light and the mesh is the softer stretchy mesh instead of the older scratchy power mesh. The tank is also quite a bit longer than the older version. All in all, I really liked it and if the right color or print comes out I would get one. I think the fit is true to size, unlike the older version which was a size up tank for a lot of people.