Monday, June 24, 2013


A few interesting things were uploaded tonight. I ordered the Power Purple Runbeam LS. I am interested in the Athletic Deep V but I want to try it on in the store since they material has changed to be light luon. The Fast Track tank looks interesting, too, but I want to try that in person, also. What did you all order?

Product Notice Heads Up

New Fast Track Tank. Not sure what it's made of but I'd guess luxtreme and mesh. It also comes in solid black.

New Track Attack crop.

New Nimbus stripe Power Y.

 New Festival Bag in Sizzle and a sneak peek of a Spry Blue Forme or Contempo Jacket.

Also, Athletic Deep V tanks are hitting the stores in black, raspberry glo/black, Cool Breeze, and white. Clam Diggers are coming out in Raspberry Glo. There is a new Raspberry Glo Track and Train Tank.

NEW! Bandha Bra and More

New luxtreme Bandha bra.

Yay! The Power Purple Runbeam LS is in the US. I think I am going to order this if it is uploaded tonight. I went looking for the white one at the store on Saturday and my store hadn't gotten it in yet. I am really liking the Runbeam SS I got for running. The LS is a bit warm for this time of year but I really like them for fall/winter since I find the LS Swiftly a touch too warm in my climate. I also like that I can push the sleeves way up my arms, unlike the Swiftly.

Power Purple Runbeam LS and Fast Track Short.

Breathe and Release Tank, Free to Be Bra and Play All Day short.