Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NEW! Raspberry Glo Contempo Jacket, Spry Blue Duffel, and More

From Australia, a Raspberry Glo Contempo Jacket.

The warning sticker on the tags of Raspberry Glo items (thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

New Spry Blue Sand to Savasana duffel showing up in strategic partner stores. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

More Soot Light Amped Crop photos. The Nimbus stripe is only on the right leg. You would think the photos on the website would show that.

 Pizazz Cool Racerback and Raspberry Glo In the Flow Crops. I think these crops are only Australia right now.

Hip to Be Zen crops with a Raspberry Glo Scoop Me Up tank and Off the Court Jacket.

Soot Light Will crops and a rare photo of the Nimbus Bold Stripe Power Y. Also shown are the Voyage hoodie and Blissed Out Wrap.

 From Australia, Proceed With Speed Tights, Raspberry Glo V Neck Swifty, and Pizazz Cool Racerback.

Raspberry Glo/Multi Groovy Stripe Inspire Crops and Swiftly V Neck.

The giant Diversity scarf and two flavors of the same outfit - Nimbus and Multi Groovy Stripe Cool Racerback with Play All Day shorts.

 More Play All Day short photos. People seem to be liking these a lot.

More Blissed Out Wrap Photos.

Pizazz Precise Tee and Core Short. I like this combo.